DDT professional wrestler Michael Nakazawa was announced as one of the new signees for All Elite Wrestling. Michael Nakazawa will still be performing with DDT Wrestling even while he is signed with AEW. He will be allowed to continue to support and perform for his main promotion DDT Wrestling.

Nakazawa made his in-ring debut October 23, 2005, against Shougo Takagi. He is a 14 year veteran in pro-wrestling. Nakazawa has had around 43 matches with Kenny Omega. His style is very hard hitting. The 14-year veteran hardly misses a step during in-ring competition. Nakazawa is an eccentric in-ring talent and will provide a unique style that can be displayed in the aspiring promotion of AEW.

DDT known as Dramatic Dream Team was formed in 1997 by Sanshiro Takagi. The promotion stylizes in innovation, imagination, and inexplicable. DDT is smaller than some of the other Japanese promotion but does not let that size of the promotion fool you. This promotion is genuine in the aspects of athleticism, high risk, and achievement in delivering to their audience.

DDT has six main championships in the adventurous promotion. The titles are KO-D Open weight Title, DDT Extreme Title, KO-D Tag Team Titles, KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles, DDT Ironman Heavy Metal Weight Title, and the King of Dark Title. Several of them have some stipulations. King of Dark Title can only be won during a dark match. The DDT Extreme Title is fought and defended under a stipulation or in a gimmick match, depending on the champion. The DDT Ironman Heavy Metal Weight Title is a hardcore title that always must be defended 24/7.

In addition to Michael Nakazawa being announced, later on, on Being The Elite, Gaming Tournament CEO Bailey would express how he wanted Nakazawa. The announcement with All Elite Wrestling would state they will be working with CEO Gaming for June 29, 2019.

CEO Gaming is one of the largest gaming tournaments in The United States. The event contains both fighting gaming tournaments along with pro-wrestling. Alex Jebailey is the creator and has over 10+ years of being a competitive game player and a tournament organizer. Located in the state of Florida it is open to the fighting game world. The event is a way to contribute to the community, along with an opportunity of all types of fighting game and wrestling fans to come together with professionals.

Pics & Video Courtesy of AEW | Being The Elite & DDT Wrestling.

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