WWE sets the benchmark when it comes to disappointing a fan base. Quite often, the biggest let downs happen on the grandest stage of them all at WrestleMania. Both the WWE Championship and Universal title matches last year are a recent example of this. However, the largest wrestling company in the world is capable of giving us the right outcome, and in recent years, they have shown that they are willing to fulfil the fan’s wish list on what is essentially the Christmas Day of the wrestling calendar. For sure, not all of the matches on this year’s WrestleMania card will make or break a superstar’s career but the results we need to see in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium will certainly go down in history as career-defining moments. These are the wins and loses that must happen at this years WrestleMania.


Kurt Angle to go over in his last ever match:

Yes, I know that Baron Corbin is the one being advertised as the Olympic gold medallist’s final ever opponent. I know this match isn’t befitting of the grandeur to be called Angle’s final match. I know these men are both bald. But do you really think this will be the case come 7th April? Think about it. It’s WrestleMania. It’s Kurt Angle’s last ever match. His last moment in the spotlight and he fully deserves to call it quits on his in-ring career by beating the man he practically kicked-off the Ruthless Aggression era with back in 2002 – John Cena. Like the ghost of wrestling’s past, the Doctor of Thuganomics usually shows his face again near WrestleMania season however this year he has been suspiciously quiet. Ironically as quiet as the Undertaker was last year when Cena called him out. Whether Angle actually squashes Corbin before taking on Cena will remain to be seen but one thing for sure is that the man who won a gold medal “With a broken freakin’ neck!” needs one last W on his record.


The Women’s Tag Team Championship is IIconic:

Despite the terrible team name of The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection, Sasha Banks and Bayley were more than deserving of being crowned the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team champions. Out of all their achievements – their work in NXT, bringing the four horsewomen into the main event scene of the main roster and subsequent singles titles victories – the pair as the driving force behind the introduction of women’s tag titles can be considered their magnum opus within WWE. Even though their name suggests otherwise, The IIconics are lacking in any credibility in the way of achievements. A win at WrestleMania could firmly place them as the top heels within the women’s division and would finally give weight to their self-proclaimed IIconic status. Considering they’re also up against the team of Nia Jax and Tamina and The Divas of Doom (they’re legit calling Natalya and Beth Phoenix this), it has to be said that the Aussie duo needs the win more than anyone else in the match.


Drew McIntyre proves he is the real deal heel:

Okay, so let’s say Rollins slays The Beast (don’t worry, we’ll get to that), who then is the next monster heel to take on the new champ? Braun Strowman has already had more heel and face turns to make the Big Show proud so we can count him out for now. Bobby Lashley still doesn’t seem to have the charisma to carry him through to the main event and Baron Corbin will have just had his ass handed to him by a retiree. The next in line is clearly Drew McIntyre who has already been built up to be an unstoppable force since returning from Impact Wrestling in 2017. The Scottish Psychopath is set to lock horns with Roman Reigns at the MetLife Stadium, an opponent who is now the ultimate babyface having been declared in remission from Leukaemia. Considering the love for Roman, a loss wouldn’t damage the Big Dogs reputation and a win for McIntyre would cement him as a monster heel that could be the one to take the title from Rollins.


Daniel Bryan establishes himself as the recycler of worlds:

This one is admittedly a longshot and more of a booking fantasy, but since turning heel last year, Daniel Bryan has gone on to become the biggest sh*thouse on SmackDown Live and, possibly, within the entire WWE. The champion’s performances as the sanctimonious eco-warrior were made all the more special when he re-branded the WWE Championship in his own environmentally friendly image. He is morally a babyface for caring about the planet but his self-righteousness is what defines him as the brand’s number one heel. Since Kevin Owens was shoehorned in-between Bryan’s feud with Kofi Kingston, it is the latter who has emerged as the number one contender, against all the odds. With Bryan calling Kofi a “B+ player” (I told you he was a sh*thouse), things are set for Kofi to finally climb the mountain at WrestleMania and be crowned WWE champion after 12 years with the company.

Believe me, I want Kofi to win the gold, but considering Becky Lynch is expected to steal the show, it might be better to give Kofi his moment during the main event of the following SmackDown Live or next PPV. Sure, we could have both results but the main focus of this year’s WrestleMania has primarily been built around Becky Lynch since the end of last year so Kofi’s win will be completely eclipsed. The way they can put off the crowning of Kingston for a new day (pun intended) whilst generating even more love and sympathy for the babyface is simple – bring Bray Wyatt into the fold. The Eater of Worlds hasn’t been seen on television since July 2018 and has a few reasons as to why he’d want to help out Daniel Bryan. Firstly, he’s against “The Machine” but more poignantly, the pair share a mutual companion in Rowan. Picture the scene: after Rowan is taken out by the other New Day members the path is clear for Kofi to dethrone Bryan. Then, everything cuts to black, the lights come back on and Wyatt hits Kofi with a Sister Abigail to give Bryan the win. I did say it was a longshot but it’ll provide us with a shock Mania return and it largely makes sense.


The Kingslayer becomes the Beastslayer:

This has been a given since he won the Royal Rumble in January but Seth Rollins MUST defeat Brock Lesnar in New Jersey. After last year’s title match saw Brock somehow retain against Roman Reigns, the pressure must be on for the company to deliver the right result this time around. The likelihood is that it won’t be a “clean” win and there may be some interference from Rollins Shield brothers who have all had dealings with Lesnar in past WrestleManias. The fans are fed up of having an absent champion on the flagship show. Rollins’ run with the Intercontinental title proved he is the fighting champion that Monday Night RAW needs.


The Man wins both RAW and SmackDown Women’s titles:

Ever since we were denied the singles match between Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series 2018, THANKS NIA JAX, there has been growing anticipation to see these two pelt seven shades of crap out of each other. Although she was initially placed into the match as the chosen one, Charlotte Flair has now gone on to justify her place in the main event by defeating Asuka to become the SmackDown Live Women’s champion. Becky is without a title of her own despite arguably being the most deserving of all three women to have a title. The Man has worked damn hard to build her character to where it is now having previously been in the background of feuds between Charlotte and Asuka on SmackDown Live. A win for Becky in this match would not only be the most cathartic end result possible given all that she has had to put up with – especially from Ronda on Twitter – but it could spark the unification of both belts and in turn generate a new era for the women’s division to take over the majority of RAW programming as their own show.

By Bradley Tiernan

"Wrestling is better than the things you like" - John Oliver

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