We are only a couple of weeks away from the biggest wrestling event of the year, WrestleMania. The thirty-fifth anniversary looks to be an intense night with must-see bouts and historic matches sure to create a huge buzz but when the dust settles and Mania season concludes it sparks yet another exciting time in the WWE with fresh rivalries, storyline’s and new faces appearing on RAW and SmackDown Live but exactly what do we need to see following WrestleMania 35?

Finn Balor Moves to SmackDown Live

Twenty nineteen has so far been a strong year for Balor. Despite the low moments the former Universal Champion has competed for the first NXT UK TakeOver show, stood toe to toe with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble PPV and captured the Intercontinental championship. Speaking of his reign as IC champion, despite this being a fantastic opportunity to turn things up to a hundred for Balor the WWE kept the reign extremely short and have resorted back to disappointing fans with their booking of this top star. Moving forward, it’s clear that making the transition from RAW to SmackDown Live is the perfect next step. Fans have been calling for Balor to move over to the blue brand for a great deal of time now and with an alliance with Anderson and Gallows, a rivalry with AJ Styles, fresh competition and the chance to capture the WWE Champion and become the face of SmackDown Live awaiting him this is something we must see happen!

Bray Wyatt Returns to SmackDown Live

It’s been a while since WWE fans witnessed Bray Wyatt inside the ring and with rumours suggesting its only a matter of time till the former World champion makes a return, we must begin to look at timing and future rivalries and there is no doubt in my mind the blue brand is exactly where he needs to be. Daniel Bryan’s alliance with Erick Rowan has set up a perfect angle and opportunity for Wyatt to involve himself in a storyline and rivalry with Bryan for the WWE Championship and what better opponent for Bryan heading out of WrestleMania than his former rival?

Buddy Murphy Moves to RAW or SmackDown Live

While it was massively unexpected, the WWE has done a fantastic job with transitioning Mustafa Ali from 205 Live to SmackDown Live with fantastic booking allowing fans to see what he is capable of and how damn good of a wrestler he is. Moving forward the WWE must look at the rest of the 205 Live roster and discover who should, in fact, follow in his footsteps and in my books no man fits that bill stronger than current champ Buddy Murphy. Murphy has told a fantastic story over the past year and has more than earned his spot on either RAW or SmackDown Live and his exciting character and move set assures he has plenty to bring to either brand.

Aleister Black and Ricochet go their Separate Ways

While Aleister Black and Ricochet have made one heck of an impact and worked amazingly well together as a very exciting tag team these two are not supposed to be in the tag team division and their journeys on the main roster will truly kick start after WrestleMania where hopefully the WWE separate them putting the former champion of the black and gold brand on separate shows. With Black likely to move to SmackDown Live and Ricochet finding a home on Monday night RAW the two can begin to chase singles titles, work rivalries and storylines alone and show the WWE universe what they are truly made of and what the future of the WWE looks like!

Drew McIntyre Challenges Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship

Of course, the majority of the WWE Universe is looking to hopefully see Seth Rollins slay the beast and walk out of WrestleMania the new Universal Champion. With a fitting story, solid build and fan support this is one of the best opportunities the WWE has had to dethrone Lesnar and the fresh start is most certainly much needed. Creating a scenario in which see’s Rollins walk out of Mania champion we must look at the new chapter on Monday night RAW that would, in fact, kick start and there is truly no better opponent for Rollins as champion than Drew McIntyre. The history between these two stars, McIntyre’s booking for Mania and his worthiness of a big push all makes perfect sense.

The Build to Four Horsewomen vs Four Horsewomen Match Begins

With all four members of the four horsewomen of MMA now under WWE contract, Charlotte and Lynch colliding with Rousey at Mania and Banks and Bayley capturing tag team gold the foundation has most certainly been set and after Mania season its vital the WWE begin to truly dive into the build for one of the most anticipated matches in recent memory. Whether it be finally calling up Shayna Baszler, having Banks and Bayley make a visit to NXT colliding with Marina and Jessamyn or more Rousey involvement, the WWE must begin to make it clear to the WWE Universe this match is closer to becoming a reality than ever before.

Big Changes for Roman Reigns

Moving forward after WrestleMania, there are plenty of creative options awaiting the big dog but what the WWE must remember in the coming months is that a major change is needed for Reigns. Moving the former champion over to SmackDown Live is a major talking point and has been for quite some time now. It’s evident the fresh start and what he could bring to the blue brand is both needed and refreshing and could truly shake things up big time! Another controversial move would, of course, be going ahead with turning Reigns heel. If Rollins is to in fact walk out of WrestleMania the new Universal champion what would make for a better and more shocking moment than Reigns turning on his Shield-brother, the following night?

The months after WrestleMania always create the feeling of a fresh start, a new chapter and the beginning of a new season. With such a huge and exciting roster there is, of course, plenty to look forward to but will the WWE get things right after what is set to be a huge WrestleMania?

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