United We Stand event will not be the only time you’ll see Rob Van Dam in action for Impact Wrestling. RVD announced, in an interview, he signed a new deal with the company and he will be back in the Impact Zone on April 29, for the next set of tapings.

About his comeback, Rob Van Dam said: “It looks like you are going to be seeing my face around for the foreseeable future. We have an agreement to where I will be sticking after the show on Thursday. It does have a beginning and an end, but they can extend, so this is something to start us off. I had agreed to one match, and then we talked about and discussed doing their upcoming tapings after the show on Thursday and a couple of television tapings over the next few months. We looked at the schedule moving forward, and they asked if I was available. I told them I was.

Since he left WWE in 2007, Van Dam, now 48, has worked a lighter schedule and he feels like Impact is fitting that new schedule. “We will see how it goes. It’s a pretty friendly schedule, which has always been important to me. I want to be home more and on the road less. That’s still something I’ve done since I left WWE in 2007. Impact with their schedule and the position they want me to fill for my career seems like a perfect situation. Hopefully, it will be mutually beneficial, and we will see “The Whole F’N Show” back on television. Let’s see how all these new guys match-up to me. I’m not there to compete with the guys who have stolen all my moves (laughs). I’m pretty much there to be myself.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y74COCP2nKc]

Van Dam made his debut for Impact Wrestling in March 2010 and left in 2013. During his time in the promotion, Van Dam won the X-Division and Heavyweight Championships. At United We Stand, he will team up with old friend Sabu against current Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Lucha Brothers. A match qualified as a dream match, due to the collision of two generations and high-flying styles.

Rob Van Dam is looking forward to this match and teaming up with his old friend. “Sabu is the only person in the industry that I feel is like my real brother. We have had each other’s back in and out of the ring all over the world for many years, and not to mention that he trained me, so we are very like-minded in what we think is a good idea about a match. I’ve always enjoyed my matches with someone that likes to approach wrestling the same way I do, like Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Sabu. He has been my favourite tag-team partner. I’m looking forward to the match.”

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