WrestleMania is one of the most anticipated weekends and events for wrestling fans every year. But WrestleMania is not just about the world’s largest promotion, WWE, anymore. Most of the weekend schedule now include other promotions that deliver to their fans what they are looking forward to at this time of the year with pro-wrestling.

Not only are fans lining up for WWE and NXT, they are enthusiastic about spending their time with the wrestling industry. Fans travel from all around the world to attend these events every year. For the ones that can not attend several channels including the premium digital streaming network FITE TV will air some of the events, as well as Highspots Wrestling Network.

One of the most anticipated events is ROH-NJPW G1 Supercard live Madison Square Garden. The promotions were extremely proud to announce that on April 6, 2019, the biggest wrestling event for both New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Ring of Honor would take place in legendary Madison Square Garden. Fans will flock from all around the world to see the King of Sports and their desired athletes. It is one of the most historical events in pro-wrestling, it allows fans to see the kings of strong style in person. The event will also include a six-women tag match to kick off the event.

“This is destined to join a long list of historical wrestling moments and where better to hold it than at Madison Square Garden. I am extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve as a company and am very appreciative of how great our relationship with New Japan Pro-Wrestling has become. However, none of this would be possible without our fans, who are truly the best in the world. Madison Square Garden would not be possible without them and for that I am most grateful.”- ROH Chief Operating Officer Joe Koff

Fans are also looking forward to Joey Ryan, The King of Dong’s documentary screening, and his Penis Party event. This will be The King of Dong’s first event that he will be hosting. The event shows an eccentric match card with talented stars of pro-wrestling. In addition to this event and card, Joey Ryan will also be performing with DDT Pro-Wrestling and Impact Wrestling.

Ryan will be providing his out-of-the ordinary wrestling fandom with opportunities to see him perform and to meet him. Joey Ryan welcomes all to his photo ops and,, if you have never had the chance to see Ryan perform, this is a fantastic opportunity.

WrestleMania is no longer limited to just WWE. It has become a cult phenomenon, involving all wrestling promotions and the convention WrestleCon. Not only is it providing an alternative to the WWE event, it is also attracting the non-sports entertainment fan. Indie promotions far and wide come to WrestleCon to embrace the culture of their fandom. By doing this, popular star of the wrestling community arrive to contribute to the community.

A list of some the schedule events are below:

Thursday 4th of April

Impact-United We Stand Live on Fite

Evolve 12pm La Boom, Queens, NY

WXW 8pm La Boom, Queens, NY

DDT 8pm La Boom, Queens, NY (Change due to US Visa status)

Kaiju Big Battle, 11.59pm La Boom, Queens, NY

Friday 5th of April

Shimmer 12pm, La Boom, Queens, NY

Revolution Pro- Wrestle Con, 4pm Midtown Hilton, NYC

Joey Janella’s Spring break 8pm

Joey Ryan’s Penis Party- Wrestle Con, 8.05pm Midtown Hilton, NYC

Saturday 6th of April

NJPW & ROH presents: G1 Supercard, Madison Square Garden, Manhattan

Pro Wrestling Revolver 11am Midtown Hilton, NY

Nova Pro Wrestling, 12pm White Eagle Hall, Jersey City NJ

Fans will be able to view some of the events on FITE mobile app and on the website, www.FITE.TV, and at Highspots Wrestling Network.

All pics and videos courtesy of DDT, WrestleCon, Joey Ryan, ROH, NJPW, WWE, Impact Wrestling and FITE.

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