Do you dare to be different?

Will you choose to stand out and attain the ability to succeed?

Are you ready for a change?

Pro-Wrestling has been a form of entertainment and art for a century. Strong style is also a style that has grown in popularity over the years. The influence of Japanese pro-wrestling has grown around the world as well.

DDT Pro-Wrestling has been described as an indie promotion among the others in Japan. Known for athletes such as Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega, Michael Nakazawa, and HARASHIMA, DDT stands out from other promotions. The promotion stylizes in innovation, imagination, and the inexplicable. This promotion is genuine in the aspects of athleticism, high risk, and achievement in delivering to their audience.

DDT, known as Dramatic Dream Team, was formed in 1997 by Sanshiro Takagi. The promotion also has several sub-brands. By having these additional sub-brands, they can experiment with styles away from the cultural norm.


One of the sub-brands is Tokyo Joshi Pro. This brand is its women’s wrestling brand. Much of the talent is trained by them.

Tokyo Joshi Pro was formed in 2012. The goal was for this sub-brand to be set up separate from Dramatic Dream Team to assist in training new women wrestlers. In the beginning, their events featured a mix of wrestling matches and musical performances from idols. Eventually, the brand would grow large enough to run shows that contained mainly wrestling.

Tokyo Joshi Pro currently has two championships. The titles are Tokyo Princess of Princess championships and Tokyo Princess Tag Team Championship.


DDT Titles:

DDT has six main championships in the adventurous promotion. The titles are KO-D Open weight Title, DDT Extreme Title, KO-D Tag Team Titles, KO-D 6-Man Tag Team Titles, DDT Ironman Heavy Metal Weight Title, and the King of Dark Title. Several of them have some stipulations. King of Dark Title can only be won during a dark match, however that title is currently Vacated due to Dai Suzuki ending his career. The DDT Extreme Title is fought and defended under a stipulation or in a gimmick match, depending on the champion. The DDT Ironman Heavy Metal Weight Title is a hardcore title that always must be defended 24/7.

Other sub-brands include Basara and Ganbare Pro-Wrestling.

In DDT Pro-Wrestling the matches are taken from inside the ring to out in the public. Anything is possible.

In a world where professional wrestling is controlled. DDT is a promotion that steps away from that. They build a world where they can embrace your dreams. If you ever wondered what it was like to have your mind escape the norm and the reality of controlled pro-wrestling. Now that control is removed from the performance of the athlete it becomes unreal. DDT Pro-Wrestling Universe is made to become something that is guilty by design. Since the DDT Universe design is unique, fun, exciting, amusing, and entertaining, it becomes intoxicating to watch.

You will not see the same match or same chain set wrestling each match. The wrestlers are the stars of their show with incredible athleticism. The move set is not the only thing that stands out with this promotion, the most important thing that shows is the story each one must tell. Some are serious but most of the time they are fun. For the love each wrestler says they have for this industry, every show they continue to push the limits and bounds of what is considered not wrestling to closed eyes.

DDT is the embracing being culturally different. The courage to stand out above and among the rest of the world. Differences should not be judged because of uniqueness and misunderstanding. Individuality is what opens the heart of man and of women to change. Battles are not based on the size and complete traditionalism of somebody but by the heart and soul of man.

DDT does offer a streaming service which is DDT Universe.  The most common subscription service costs 900 yen a month, first-time customers can receive their first month for free.

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