We are back at Full Sail University, and after RAW and SmackDown Live pillaged two top talents from NXT, what is next for the black and gold brand? I’m Scott Hammond and this is NXT!

NXT North American Championship Match: Velveteen Dream (c) vs Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy is back! Here’s hoping he doesn’t bump into the Forgotten Sons. That would be awkward. The match started with a very slow pace, but quickly got going when Murphy hit Dream with a running hurricanrana, and quickly followed up with a nasty looking knee strike that took Dream to the outside. Murphy then looked out at Dream and took off the ropes and hit a somersault dive over the top rope onto his opponent. He threw Dream back in and hit a Meteora for a two count. After a few kicks to the back, Murphy locked in a sleeper hold and brought Dream down to the canvas.

Dream fought out of the hold and into the corner. Murphy charged but Dream surprised him with a superkick and began his comeback. Dream sent Murphy to the outside and hit his patented double axe handle from the top rope to the outside. Dream rolled Murphy back into the ring and hit a codebreaker for a two count. Dream then tried to get Murphy onto his shoulders for the Dream Valley Driver, but Murphy fought out and pushed Dream into the corner. Both men knocked each other out of the ring and barely beat the ten count before Murphy took control again with a snap DDT on Dream.

Murphy then hit a diving sunset flip that Dream reversed into a Dream Valley Driver but only got a two count! Murphy and Dream then fought out to the ring apron, where Murphy hit another devastating knee strike to the face, He rolled Dream back into the ring but was caught as he re-entered the ring with a Fameasser. Dream quickly followed up with a Dream Valley Driver and the Purple Rainmaker for the pinfall victory. Good match to start the show here.

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champion: Velveteen Dream

Backstage, the Street Profits stood by and mentioned that they were going to create an opportunity for themselves. They go to William Regal’s door and knock. Instead of Regal, the War Raiders come out. Sidebar: I, in protest, point blank refuse to call this team by their ‘new’ name. It sounds like a terrible theme park ride, and thus, in these reviews, up until the point that they are not on the show, I will refer to them as Rowe and Hanson, The War Raiders. The Raiders told the Street Profits that they got them what they wanted, and next week we will see The Street Profits vs War Raiders.

New NXT Champion Johnny Gargano came out next for his title celebration. He took a mic and said he’d been waiting a long time for this moment. The crowd started a ‘you deserve it’ chant. For the first time, I agree with them. He said that in 2015, he was told ‘no’ at his WWE tryout, and four years later he stands in front of you as Johnny Champion. Gargano was then immediately interrupted by the Undisputed Era sans Roderick Strong. Cole took the mic and said this is not about taking no for an answer, this is about getting lucky. He said that he beat Gargano clean and in any other match he’d be NXT Champion. Cole said he was the uncrowned Champion.

Gargano then ran down the Undisputed Era and referred to them as a boyband. He then popped me by asking if things were not in sync between them right now. He said that after the first fall, he made Cole tap out twice. He then said if the ‘Baybay’ wanted to grow a pair he could come to the ring. The Undisputed Era then began to walk to the ring, but before they could get there, Roderick Strong hit the ring from behind Gargano and hit him with a knee to the back of the head. The Era then laid Gargano out and Cole hit him with a superkick. The Undisputed Era stood over Gargano to end the segment.

KUSHIDA debuts in NXT in two weeks!

They then ran down the call ups from this week’s Monday and Tuesday TV.

Aaron Frye vs Dominik Dijakovic

Dijakovic is going to be a big deal. Great look. He kind of had the whole ‘Ivan Drago’ look to him. The guy is talented and looks the part. The bell rang and Dijakovic hit a discus boot to the face of Frye and got the pinfall victory. Well, that was quick.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic

Dijakovic took the mic and said he is in NXT because his family got him here. His blood drives him to opportunity. He sees the North American title. He tells Velveteen Dream to feast his eyes to end the segment. 

The Undisputed Era were backstage next gloating over their beat down of Johnny Gargano. William Regal interrupted and informed them that he had just come from a meeting with Gargano, and he requested a match next week against Roderick Strong. Adam Cole looked off-put by this to end the segment.

Aliyah and Vanessa Bourne were on camera next and stated that they weren’t ready in last weeks losing effort by Aliyah to Candice LeRae, and they told LeRae to find another lower and meet them in the ring next week.

NXT Women’s Title Match: Shayna Baszler (c) vs Kairi Sane

I am truly going to miss Kairi Sane. Great gimmick that will not work on the ‘main roster’ but this pirate has grown on me. Sane started the match quickly, exchanging strikes with Baszler, before hitting her with a spinning back fist. Baszler then rolled to the outside where Sane followed this up by heading to the apron and hitting a crossbody. Sane pushed Baszler back into the ring and ascended to the top rope, and hit a jumping elbow to the face. Both women then traded forearms, but Baszler got the better of it and hit a great knee strike, and followed it up with a bicycle knee in the corner for a two count. Baszler went for another knee, but this time Sane moved out of the way and hit the Interceptor. Sane then hit open palm strikes, and then quickly hit a dragon whip.

With Baszler on the floor, Sane proceeded into the Anchor submission, but Baszler quickly got to the ropes to break the hold. As Baszler recovered, Sane went to the top rope and hit an InSane elbow drop onto the back of Baszler’s neck. Back in the corner, Sane went back up to the top rope but was met by a step up enzuigiri by Baszler. Sane fought back quickly though, and pushed Baszler into a Tree of Woe, before hitting a diving double knee stomp. As Baszler retreated to the outside, Sane attempted another elbow off the ring apron, but she missed and went elbow first into the railing.

Baszler then began targeting the arm and elbow of Sane, stretching it, and eventually snapping it back. She followed this up with a gut wrench facebuster for a two count. Sane rolled to the outside as the referee called for a doctor. Io Shirai then also met Sane outside the ring to check on her, but Baszler used the distraction to bring Sane back into the ring. Baszler stood on Sane’s arm and prepared to stomp on it, but Shirai ran in and pushed Baszler out of the way, causing a disqualification.

Winner (by DQ): Shayna Baszler

Shafir and Duke then attacked Shirai outside of the ring, and Baszler then set up Sane again to stomp on her injured arm, and this time made Shirai watch as she succeeded. The show finished with The Horsewomen celebrating at the top of the ramp as Shirai tended to the injured Sane.

A poor end to Kairi Sane’s time in NXT in truth. She will be sadly missed from the NXT Women’s division, as will the War Raiders when the time comes. Not a bad show tonight, but not one to remember.

All photos and videos courtesy of WWE.com

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