Professional wrestling has always displayed athleticism and performing. The art form of the sport has always evolved in style and skill. Pro-wrestling should be a cultural expansion, appealing, and accessible to everyone. It is on the verge of an evolution, when it comes to elegance and physical capability. In-ring performance is not just about interchanges of moves, high spots, or false finishes, evolving into a performer and relating to the audience it becomes important to tap into one’s emotions. In order to evolve or progress into the art form the audience needs to sense the performer’s dedication.

OWE is the fruition of the advance level of professional wrestling.

OWE is a youthful Chinese wrestling promotion. It was found in 2017. There are several aspects to the show. One can expect a night of entertainment, amusement, and highly competitive in-ring matches. The show includes musical performance from Chinese idol group SNH48.

Film director Fu Huayang created Oriental Wrestling Entertainment in Shanghai. When the promotion was announced they saw over 200,000 applicants with different martial arts backgrounds. After selecting 50 they began their journey into professional wrestling. A year later they began an affiliation with Dragon Gate. This would allow the talent from OWE to compete at Dragon Gate, allowing Dragon Gate veteran Cima to train them.

The first show was The Legend of the Dragon featuring an unbelievable match card involving both OWE and Dragon Gate wrestlers.

On May 7, 2018, Cima, T-Hawk, El-Lindaman and Yamamura relocated to Oriental Wrestling Entertainment to progress the promotion. Cima would become the head coach and President of the promotion enabling the expansion and growth of the promotion.

As Cima became head coach he trained and inspired several new comers. He created and has his own students that gain experience from international excursion. These are known in the storyline as Strong Hearts. Strong Hearts appear mainly on their brand CWE. However, they do attend DDT Pro-Wrestling and Wretle-1 to compete. Their first DDT debut was on September 23, 2018.

OWE would create several relationships with different promotions such as DDT Pro-Wrestling, AWF, Wrestle-1, The Crach Lucha Libre, and newly promising promotion All Elite Wrestling.

The promotion’s current roster:

Captain Achilles Ben, Sugar Brown, Jake Café, Sun Chao, Mao Chenxiang, Cima, The Commando, Duan Dihang, Damian Drake, The General, Yang Hao, Fan Hewei, Tang Huaqi, Minor Gregory Jade, Gao Jingjia, Wang Jin, Zhao Junjile, Clutch Kucera, Mario Bugatti, Jack Manley, El Lindaman, Remy Marcel, Fan Qiuyang, Mazzerati, Zeda Zhang, Spyder Warrior, Titan, T-Hawk, Chen Xiangke, Wuljijimuren, Liu Xinxi, Cui Xiangmeng, Takehiro Yamamura, Lu Ye, Duan Yingnan. Zhao Yilong, Ren Yuhang, and Xiong Zhiyu.

The only Championship of the promotion is OWE Annual Championship.

Oriental Wrestling Entertainment shows the advancement in professional wrestling. The aspiring and incredible in-ring performances that focus on the culture of China. The idea is to provide a lasting impression on their growing audience around the world. The matches are not necessarily Kung Fu and wrestling but martial arts influencing the in-ring performance.

The promotion can be comparable to Japan strong style or Japanese wrestling. However, OWE does stand apart from that style. It involves incredible story lines that the audience becomes invested in. OWE could be universally entertaining. There are so many parallels and different styles in this fast-growing promotion. Oriental Wrestling Entertainment should be displayed on a larger stage. The performances are hard hitting, high flying, unique, fast-pace, and contain unbelievable in-ring physiology.

As the business of professional wrestling continues to grow, so does the advancement of the art form. Oriental Wrestling Entertainment provides a performance that has never been seen in the squared circle. This is unlike anything that has been viewed in the industry and can be perceived as an progression in style for pro-wrestling.

Now that OWE is now partnered with AEW, audiences will not be disappointed in the talent that will inspire the forthcoming of wrestling in the future.

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Pics & Video Courtesy of OWE & Dragon Gate

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