On April 20, 2019, AEW EVP Cody’s opponent for Double or Nothing was announced and, to his astonishment, it would be his brother Dustin Rhodes. This match would become one of the most exciting matches to be announced, as the two sons of the American Dream would collide and clash for the evaluation of the family legacy.

The American Nightmare EVP Cody would comment about his brother on April 28, 2019.

He discusses the past and present with the relationship of his brother. Cody stated he is the not as much of a Rhodes of the Rhodes. He speaks of his brother’s choices and the equal love the American Dream shared for the two of them. However, this match is about Generation vs. Generation and he will kill the Attitude Era. He is done with the comparison between then and now in the pro-wrestling industry. The American Nightmare talks about Kenny Omega vs. Okada and that match is superior to matches during the time of the Attitude Era. But in the end, Cody loves his brother and lets him know.

Wrestling fans around the world are enthusiastic about the Vegas show. Double or Nothing will take place on May 25, 2019 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Where generation vs. generation will be finalized over who is dominant and pave the way for the current generation. This will be the match that leads the future of pro-wrestling to the consistence acceptance of adaptation to change.

Pics & Video Courtesy of AEW.

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