Here we go, its the debut of KUSHIDA in tonight’s main event with Kassius Ohno (oh no), I’m Scott Hammond, and this is NXT from Full Sail University

Oney Lorcan, Danny Birch & Humberto Carillo vs The Forgotton Sons (Ryker, Cutler & Blake)

We started NXT this week following on from last week, with Lorcan and Birch defending Carillo from a three on one assault. Cutler and Lorcan started the match, with Lorcan hitting a quick blockbuster, sending Cutler to the outside, and Blake then tried to interfere, but Lorcan threw him out as well before taking off the ropes and hitting a somersault plancha over the top rope onto all three sons. Carillo then tagged in and hit a standing moonsault on Cutler, and Blake then tagged in but was caught with a high arm drag by Carillo. Jaxson Ryker then made a blind tag and nailed Carillo with a Double A spinebuster. Cutler tagged in and choked Carillo on the middle rope before taking him to the mat with a read naked choke. Cutler tagged in Blake, and they hit a double neckbreaker on Carillo, and Ryker then followed up with a middle rope headbutt for a two count.

Carillo rolled through after the pin attempt and made the hot tag to Danny Birch who hit a release German suplex on Cutler, followed up by a missile dropkick. Ryker got involved then and tried to break Birch’s heat but Carillo came off the top with a missile dropkick of his own. With Lorcan and Blake outside, Carillo went for a tope suicida, but missed Blake and hit Lorcan accidentally, which left Birch in with all three members of the Forgotten Sons. Birch fought valiantly but was hit with a buckle bomb into the knees of Cutler. Carillo tried to get involved but got a buckle bomb for his trouble. Ryker then set both men up in the reverse DDT position and had Blake and Cutler hit stereo foot stomps on both men for the pinfall victory.

Winners: The Forgotten Sons

The Horsewomen were walking into Full Sail as they were stopped and asked if they were happy Kairi Sane was gone. Baszler said something (I wasn’t listening), and the interviewer asked if that was because both Sane and Io Shirai had pinfall victories over her. This annoyed her and she slapped the microphone of the hand of the interviewer.

We go to the Performance Center where apparently Mia Yim and Bianca Belair were getting into an argument, with poor Robbie Brookside trying to calm them both down to no avail. They will square off next week.

Mansoor vs Dominik Dijakovic

Mansoor out first shunning his surname like he was already on the main roster. Dijakovic out next, and tried an early discus boot ala last week, but Mansoor evaded it and hit strikes followed by a hurricanrana into the middle turnbuckle on Dijakovic. Mansoor headed to the top rope but was caught on the cross body, and Dijakovic hit him with a standing backbreaker before launching him over the top rope onto the floor. Nasty impact there by Mansoor.

Dijakovic pulled him back into the ring and hit a standing suplex and pushed Mansoor into the corner, before hitting him with elbows. Dijakovic then hit a backbreaker again and followed up with a middle rope splash for a two count. Dijakovic then got caught as he attempted another suplex, Mansoor reversed into a sleeper hold. When Dijakovic was down to one knee, Mansoor stood on his kneeling leg and hit an enzuigiri. Great innovation there. Mansoor then ran at Dijakovic, who performed a superkick, followed by the Feast Your Eyes for the pinfall victory. Both men looked good here.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic

As Dijakovic celebrated, The Velveteen Dream arrived on his sofa. Dream then recited the national anthem in hilarious fashion, changing the words to reference those that he has beaten for the North American title, and mocking Dijakovic for challenging him. Great promo.

The Undisputed Era were backstage and Adam Cole will face Matt Riddle next week. He said that the Era was stronger than its ever been and that they focus on the future and not the fact that Roderick Strong dropped the ball last week against NXT Champion Johnny Gargano. Strong interrupted and asked what he said. Strong walked off angry, and Cole was left asking why he couldn’t take a joke.

Kassius Ohno vs KUSHIDA

KUSHIDA arrived with a great, very unique entrance. This is your typical size vs speed match. Both men performed chain wrestling to start the match. Ohno then dropped KUSHIDA and went for a leg drop but missed and KUSHIDA hit him with a cartwheel dropkick. Ohno then got up and attempted a handshake, but came back with the typical heel move of pulling KUSHIDA into a big boot. Ohno hit a knee drop and then followed up with a big chop. KUSHIDA retreated to the ring apron and hit an enziguri and then hit a springboard tomahawk chop.

KUSHIDA ran around and hit a dropkick to Ohno’s arm, but went to jump on Ohno’s shoulders, who took control with an electric chair drop. KUSHIDA recovered enough to hit a springboard hurricanrana for a two count. KUSHIDA then took off the ropes for a handspring elbow but he was caught with a KO punch to the back of the head by Ohno for a close two count. Ohno pushed KUSHIDA into the ropes and hit a big boot to the face, but as he came back off the ropes KUSHIDA recovered with a wind up punch to the face of his own. He then rolled Ohno through into the Hoverboard Lock for the tapout victory.



Okay episode this week. KUSHIDA’s debut was good, nothing out of the ordinary with a paint by numbers match against a veteran like Ohno, but there was nothing wrong with it. Not the best, but definitely not the worst show ever.

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