A few news to start… Our new World Champion Brian Cage was rushed to hospital after Rebellion. Even if he’s fine and will be back soon in a ring, he was not there for the new set of tapings. We’ll have to wait a little bit to celebrate with The Machine. Willie Mack signed a multi-year contract with Impact, which is nice news because Impact has definitely become The Mack’s home. I had the chance to chat with Taya Valkyrie a few days ago so I’ll be able to share with you her thoughts on her Rebellion match, Impact Wrestling, and the love of her life very soon. Last, my neck is still no more… I eat fewer painkillers but I hate this neck brace more than ever… 

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If you carefully read my ‘under pain killers” review of Rebellion, you know it may have been a great PPV, it was also a certain moment of fear for me. We witnessed greatness with LAX becoming 4-time Tag Team Champions in an unforgettable match. Brian Cage didn’t have the chance to celebrate his win thanks to Michael Elgin. Rich Swann got out of himself to defeat his friend from another time, Sami Callihan. But with Sami, things are never over…
But let’s move forward, which is our 2019 motto. The Road to Slammiversary XVII is officially opened. Until July 7th, we have 9 weeks to build a brand-new PPV and write a new chapter of the history of the company… So, what are we waiting for?

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On the menu this week, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Eddie Edwards will face off Fénix, a match that should be interesting. Petey Williams will square off with Ace Austin. Rosemary will finally put her hands on Kiera Hogan. We’ll hear of Rob Van Dam who’s back on Impact, for the first time in 2256 days, and Michael Elgin who’s dubbed as unbreakable. He has never met the Nygma yet… So no more words, let’s get ready for some action, but your French Enygma Steph way, of course…

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The Nygma’s Chart of the Week

  • Michael Elgin spoke. I will tell you what he said this time but, if he does it again, I will do the same I was doing last year with the ATT guy, Dan Lambert.
    He said that, when a new champion was supposed to be crowned, he came out and addressed the fans. But Cage wasn’t here to celebrate because he sent him to the hospital (FALSE, it happened during the Spanish Fly in the Championship match). The only thing worse than Cage winning the championship was the fact that the Canadian fans cheered him. You should cheer great Canadian athletes instead. He left Japan to win the Impact Championship (FALSE, again…). Elgin talked to Cage, claiming he is the only person deserving of a shot at the World Championship (FALSE).
    Former Champion Johnny Impact arrived and says this is déjà vu. He insulted Elgin’s size, intelligence, and entitlement. Elgin said if he has luscious locks, luckily Elgin still has his balls… while Johnny’s are in his wife’s purse. Johnny said it’s a luxury, expensive purse but, clearly, Elgin didn’t know anything as his gear is cheap. Johnny claimed he sent Cage to the hospital (TRUE), so Elgin showing up meant nothing, but Elgin said one Elgin bomb did the job. Johnny added he has a rematch owed to him.

    Konnan now arrived and wondered as they were looking into each other’s eyes… if they were about to kiss. He said that LAX, Pentagon and Fénix are a family now and he now represents the Lucha Bros, and Pentagon deserved a title shot. Johnny said he’s not. Elgin added he’s a man of action and threatened Konnan. Pentagon arrived and brawled with Elgin until security rushed the ring. Johnny cheap shot Elgin and powdered. Elgin then destroyed a bunch of security guys and stood tall (FALSE).
  • Ace Austin defeated Petey Williams.
  • The oVe Creepy Cam showed Sami Callihan laying down a challenge. The Rich Swann story has run its course, and he was screwed by management. It’s bull crap. Getting screwed out of the X-Division was not enough for him. Next week, he wants a four-on-four match, with oVe rules, against a team lead by Rich Swann, for the sake of the family.

  • Rosemary with an Undead Maid Of Honor vs. Kiera Hogan ended in a no-contest when Su Yung and the others Maids attacked. Yung freed the Undead Maid and Hogan left as Su and her Maids laid out Rosemary and stood tall.
  • Taya Valkyrie told Melissa Santos no one doubted her retaining the Women’s Championship against Jordynne Grace at Rebellion. Who’s left? Madison Rayne popped in and reminded her of their history, with Madison being 2-0 over her. Taya dismissed it, saying she can’t just challenge her to a match on the spot. Maybe one day, but it’s not happening soon.
  • After the Impact Plus moment, Taya Valkyrie walked out of the management office, happily stating she does not contractually have to defend the title for thirty days. Madison will get a match against her, but the title won’t be on the line.

  • In the LAX Lair, the Champions were having a drink when Konnan arrived. He said they should have more money thanks to their partnership with the Lucha Brothers. Ortiz laughed at the fact The Rascalz have invited them to their Treehouse.
  • Fénix defeated Eddie Edwards with a little help from Killer Kross. He stood on the entrance way for much of the match, severely putting Eddie Edwards off his game. He slowly shuffled closer to the ring. Kross picked up Kenny and extended it to Eddie to grab it .. but won’t let go. This was enough of a distraction for Fénix to pick up the win. Kross walked out with Kenny, leaving Edwards distraught when he found his best friend missing.
  • Rob Van Dam is back. RVD said that the talent is amazing here. He is here because he saw his influence on today’s stars as they are all doing his moves. It’s flattering to see everyone do his moves, but he will show them the difference between imitation and the whole FN show, RVD. Ethan Page entered with some chairs and wanted to show him something he’s never done before. So he sat down .. and asked RVD to sit and talk to him. Having no idea who he is, RVD unconventionally sat on the chair. Ethan told him he never idolized him and has never done any of his moves. After some mocking, RVD got tired of it and hit the VanDaminator.

  • Backstage, Josh Alexander questioned what Page just did with RVD, because they are supposed to be a team. Moose arrived and offered taking Page’s place in the tag team match next week, so he can have a match against RVD.
  • A video package highlighted Gail Kim’s thoughts about her last match. She’s at peace knowing it ended the way it did. Afterwards, we saw Tessa Blanchard embrace her dad Tully after the match at Rebellion. Tully was asked how it felt watching the match. He said when you watch your offspring blossom into something Tessa is, with a win over Gail, he got flashbacks to Wahoo McDaniel and Dusty Rhodes. You knew those guys gave everything they had and they gave it everything tonight. He was in the front row, and it was magnificent to watch. It was great seeing the respect after the match, much like how they had respect in the business back in the day.
  • Michael Elgin defeated Pentagon Junior and Johnny Impact to become the #1 contender for the Impact World Championship. Johnny Impact still has a rematch with Brian Cage due to his contract, but Elgin has earned a shot too with this win.

The Nygma’s Nutcracker(s) of the Week

– Petey Williams vs. Ace Austin
We all know an X-Division match is the best way to open a show, ceteris paribus. Generations collide in this match with the Canadian veteran Petey Williams, who’s able to mix up high-flying action with “classic” moves like the side Russian leg sweep or the Sharpshooter, and Ace Austin, this marvel of in-ring innovation, with a bit of cockiness.

They shook hands, Austin attacked but Petey took control with a dropkick and head scissors. The suicide dive followed and, back in, Austin cut him off with an enzuigiri and hit a suicide dive. He followed with a superkick and, back in, Austin head up top but got crotched into the Tree of Woe. Petey was going for the Oh Canada, better known as the Nut Stomper, but Austin countered with a spider German and followed with a spin kick.

Austin looked to ground things and used his playing card to paper cut Petey’s hand. He followed with strikes but missed a leg drop. They traded strikes, Petey unloaded the enzuigiri and the Russian leg sweep. Austin cut him off with a rolling kick. Austin set and Petey hit the powerbomb, but Austin replied with a neck breaker. Petey countered back with the Sharpshooter, but Austin made the ropes. He followed with a leg drop off the ropes. Austin looked for the fold, but Petey got the crucifix pin. They worked up top but Austin hit head scissors and The Fold for the win.
Very, very good match.

– Eddie Edwards vs. Fénix
I’m not sure this match has ever taken place before, in a one-on-one situation, and I tend to think it was something Eddie Edwards was looking forward to. This time, styles collide and it can only look great…

They shook hands, locked up and Edwards grounds things. Fenix countered out and they separated. They worked to the ropes and then picked up the pace, Edwards went to the floor and got Kenny. Fenix cut him off with a Papinade (the Pelé kick, in French…), Edwards got Kenny again, but didn’t use him. Fenix hit the dropkick, but Edwards dumped him. Edwards followed with chops, as we saw Killer Kross watching on.

Back in, Edwards connected with head butts. Fenix battled back with a superkick, strikes, and a crucifix driver. Edwards fought back with the Blue Thunder Bomb for 2. Edwards saw Kross, Fénix fired back, and they traded chops. Fénix scored with the rolling cutter and then got cut off. A Tiger Driver from Edwards connected. Kross stole Kenny and then handed him to Edwards. Fénix scored with kicks, and the Black Fire Driver finished Edwards.

– Johnny Impact vs. Pentagon Junior vs. Michael Elgin
Two legit contenders and one coming out of nowhere… What else to say?
John E. Bravo was out with Impact. Elgin attacked Impact and they all started going for pins. Impact dumped Elgin and Pentagon attacked him with kicks. They brawled to the floor, with Pentagon taking control until Elgin apron bombed Impact. Elgin then hit a German suplex on Pentagon, followed with clotheslines but Pentagon cut him off with Cheeky Nandos. The double stomp followed. Elgin fired back, they worked up top and traded strikes.

Elgin followed with the superplex as Impact hit a German suplex into a Tower of Doom spot. Impact followed with kicks and strikes, and Pentagon cut him off with kicks, a high cross and then a superkick. Superkick to Elgin, but Elgin cut him off and slammed Impact onto Pentagon. The lariat on Impact followed, and then another. Pentagon followed with leg kicks, they worked up top, Impact took out Pentagon and hit a spinning Razor’s Edge for 2.

Impact headed up top and missed the Countdown to Impact, allowing Elgin to hit strikes and a superkick. Pentagon cut him off with sling blades and the Penta Driver. He took down Impact and they work up top. Elgin back in got sent back to the floor. Pentagon back up top with Impact and they traded shots. Johnny hit a hurricanrana off the apron but superkicked Elgin. Impact beat on Pentagon with a chair, rolled Elgin back in and hit a running knee strike. The Starship Pain missed and Elgin hit a big lariat and a Buckle Bomb, before finishing him with the Elgin Bomb. Nothing to add…

The not-Nygma’s Moment(s) of the Week 

Michael Elgin, welcome in the Not-Nygma section! Just arrived on Impact, and right in the wrong place… Pentagon says Cero Miedo, I say ZERO respect… Period.

Dear Ethan Page, never EVER give a chair to Rob Van Dam… It’s like giving Kenny to Eddie Edwards to be beaten down… That’s what is called making the rod for your own back, Mister All Ego…

The Nygma’s Award of the Week

– Scarlett Bordeaux
One Nygma Award for 3 months… I’m a woman with a neck brace, but of my word… And Scarlett earned it, more than ever…

– The Great Muta
He was not in this episode but he will be very soon on Impact Plus for a great monthly event on June 8th. A night you can’t definitely mist… If you’ve never seen this Legend of wrestling before, read below…

– Rosemary/Su Yung/Kiera/Undead Bridesmaids
What a mess this storyline has become… On which side Kiera Hogan is? Which deadly projects Su Yung has in mind for Rosemary? It has to be a real match and not a no-contest ending like over the last weeks. Things should find a deadly and creepy end…

– Konnan
Just for his words to Johnny and Elgin… No one is better at this game than Konnan… Who’s the more ballsy after that?

– Eddie Edwards/ Killer Kross
Am I dreaming? Are pain killers making me behave badly? That will be awesome. This storyline will be hardcore, insane and killing.
I’ve been looking forward to a match between those 2 for a very long time because I think they can make some huge things in a ring. And make Impact Wrestling shake, rattle and roll…

To be eNYGMAtic…

The fallout episodes from a PPV are usually not the best ones, because they’re all about revenge and celebrations. Not this time… It was really good, ceteris paribus. Remove Elgin and add The Machine, and it would have been perfect… Things are moving forward, with new storylines, some other ending slowly… One man was missing, Brian Cage… I can’t wait to see him back and shut everybody up.
The X-Division match was nothing else but a modern classic, not a passing of the torch because I don’t like that, more of an exchange of experience between Petey Williams, one of the pioneers, and probably the heart and soul, of this Division and Ace Austin, from a new generation that now helps the X-Division grow and continue to be what it has ever been, different, high-flying, innovative, full of talent… I wish Eddie vs. Fénix would last a little longer because it had everything to be a really good match.
I think you understood Michael Elgin and The Nygma has not been going to be friends… I have my reasons that I have no reason to explain here. This is personal and it could last longer than you would ever think… 
On this “Nygma has balls too” note, until next week, never EVER forget to stay #eNYGMAtic…
This review is dedicated to the “Grand Master” Nygma. Even at 56, you would have ruled this world. You’ve never stopped rocking mine, with all my love, big sis…

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling. Photomontage custom made by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag @vulturehoundmag.

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