In recent weeks former five-time Women’s Champion Sasha Banks has been dominating wrestling news with rumours of a tantrum backstage at WrestleMania following title loss to the IIConics, suggestions she is unhappy within WWE, and even bigger talk of her possibly departing with the company. Since these headlines surfaced there have been indications and articles discussing a possible huge win upon her return to the company but if WWE is to leave Banks a happy Superstar and finally get things right with her after a difficult couple of years just what do they need to do?

Turn her Heel

One of the most important and vital decisions the WWE must make upon Sasha Banks’ return to the company is turning her heel. For literally years now fans have been calling for the original boss to return and that means a heel run kick-starting once again. Banks made such an impact during her time in NXT and became that top star because of her fantastic character work; whether it be making little girls cry, mocking opponents, or completely savage lines, the Boss stood out as one of the best heels in the company today, however, things have taken a negative turn in Sasha’s career due to her character becoming stale and borderline boring. Banks have struggled to connect with fans and shine as the star she is in her current role and forever teasing a turn has become frustrating and again, boring for viewers.

Longer in-ring Time

While the women’s division has come so massively far in recent years, we still see the WWE fail to give talent a consistently strong and lengthy amount of time in the ring and it has affected an array of superstars including Sasha Banks. If the five-time Champion is given far longer in the ring to actually wrestle, she can so easily remind fans of how much of an exciting and talented pro wrestler she is, getting fans talking about her for the right reasons once again. The talent is of course on the roster with names including Ruby Riott and Lacey Evans more than capable of working fantastic matches against the Boss that can highlight the brilliant wrestler she is.

Dethroning Becky Lynch

In recent weeks there has been a lot of conversation and rumours around the possibility of Sasha Banks receiving a major push upon her return with a massive win awaiting her and what bigger victory than defeating Becky Lynch for Championship gold. The two women have a fantastic history and while its been years since the two engaged in a full-on rivalry their chemistry and what we have already seen from the pair means there is no denying that we will see some excellent content between them from segments and promos to the in-ring work. One of Lynch’s standout matches of her entire career is in fact against Sasha Banks at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable and it would be awesome to see these two collide at this level once again however on the main roster. Becky is so massively over as a babyface and turning on her and taking her championship would be huge for Banks in getting back on track and becoming one of the biggest heels on the roster again.

Successful Title Defence

One of the biggest mistakes the WWE have made with Banks is developing such a negative track record when it comes to title defences. Banks is yet to successfully defend the women’s championship on PPV and has gone down as always losing her title on the first defence. Upon her return to the WWE and the ring, the company need to handler her potential push and possible next title reign very seriously and in a massively smart manner. This means not only booking her to retain the title on her first defence but giving her a lengthy reign. The Boss needs to prove she can be an excellent women’s champion again, change the track record and finally have the dominant, entertaining, lengthy and impressive title reign she both deserves and what fans have wanted to see.

One on one With Ruby Riott

Moving forward in Sasha’s career its important as we noted earlier that she receives more in-ring time, but a woman Banks has got to meet in the ring once again is Ruby Riott. Riott is a woman who herself is in need and deserving of a major push and as we have seen before, these two superstars know how to work a great match together. We have already seen some special work between the pair but if the WWE really want to bring out the best of both giving them twenty plus minutes either on PPV or Monday night RAW will show both for just how good they really are. This is a bout that will of course, not only benefit the boss will also give Ruby the exposer she is in need of. There is great opportunity here for WWE to change and turn around the careers of two brilliant talents both in need of that little push.

Keep her on Monday Night RAW

During the most recent WWE Superstar shakeup fans saw the WWE move Bayley over to SmackDown Live, a decision that has already proven to be a good one, but it did mean splitting up the Boss ‘N’ Hug connection. Upon her in-ring return its vital the WWE keep the Boss on Monday Night RAW. While there are many amazing potential opponents for Banks over on the blue brand, she is a face the RAW Women’s division is in desperate need of. Capable of becoming the face of the RAW Women’s division Sasha will benefit from having such a major spotlight on Monday Nights and her booking is likely to be stronger and favour her momentum.


The WWE has well and truly made a mess of Sasha Banks and her reputation in the company over the last few years but Banks being such a fantastic talent means the company can so easily turn thing around. Sasha still has so much to bring to the table and her talent means she can make an even bigger impact within the division, but will the WWE make the same mistakes?

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  1. I would love to see a heel Sasha vs babyface Ruby this time, they had great chemistry before but both seem more natural in these alignments so in theory it would be even better that way.

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