It’s that time once again, it’s Tuesday and we’re here to tune into an episode of SmackDown Live!

We kicked off with WWE disregarding the concept of a brand split. Roman Reigns showed up on RAW due to his character being portrayed as a thorn in the McMahon side, and AJ Styles appeared on SmackDown Live because… reasons! He went through his spiel about returning to the house that A. J. Styles. Built. When Sami Zayn appeared and did his best to recover his dignity after being thrown into the trash by “The Monster Among Men” Brawn Strowman. To top it all off, Kofi Kingston came down along with Xavier Woods and in the end, this resulted into a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship match for the main event.

An excellent way to kick off the show, and a tantalising main event dropped on us to keep us hooked is always a present worth waiting to open.

Here’s what went down in between:

  • Ali vs Andrade ended in DQ as Randy Orton took out both men
  • Smackdown Tag Team Titles were on the line as Daniel Bryan & Erik Rowan defeated The Usos
  • Shane McMahon was attacked from behind after being his usual “dickbag” self by The Miz, The B-Team came to the aid of McMahon but failed, The Miz later took some chair shots to the back as McMahon scarpered away.
  • Sonya Deville Mandy Rose defeated Carmella Ember Moon. Paige, Asuka, and Kairi Sane showed up on the entrance ramp to state they’ll be facing them next week.
  • R-Truth & Matt Hardy got f**ked up once again by Lars Sullivan.
  • Kofi defeated Sami Zayn and AJ Styles to retain WWE title.

Triple Threat Main Event

It’s hard to pick what was the match of the night, this spot could’ve easily gone to the Tag Team title match as both teams gave it their all, but honestly, it has to go to this match right here. What sold it was the creativity these three men put into it, especially one moment where a reverse DDT was combined with Kofi’s S.O.S. which looked devasting. Even the character work from Sami Zayn pushed this out as he’s always a magnificent performer when he’s able to spread his wings. But what really stood this match out was the unpredictability. You can say that “Kofi was never going to lose this close to the PPV” to which I respond with;

  1. WWE isn’t predictable, even when it is
  2. Yes, but for a moment you were immersed

Sami laid in Blue Thunder Bomb after Blue Thunder Bomb but Kofi would not quit. At that moment something clicked, what if they did put the belt on Sami right there and then? What would that do to the storylines? It didn’t matter in the end, they had you hooked with what ifs. Congrats WWE, you got me, but can you keep me?


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