The WWE roster is undoubtedly more diverse and interesting than ever before. While characters may not be as risky and outlandish as what we saw during the attitude era the style of in ring competitors is more varied than we have ever seen in the company. With that being said we are also seeing a new level of athleticism from both the male and female stars of the WWE today and its time to highlight just some of those standout names and the most athletic talents in the company right now!

Kacy Catanzaro

While former Ninja Warrior competitor Kacy Catanzaro may only have been with the WWE for a couple of years so far, she has been making one heck of an impact and has already competed in the Mae Young Classic, NXT and NXT UK shows and entered the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble match. After what we saw from Kacy during her time on Ninja Warrior it has always been evident that she is an incredibly athletic woman with serious talent and charisma. She’s fun to watch and brings something completely new to both the women’s division and the WWE as a whole. From her entrance climbing up the post to her extremely athletic move set there is never a dull moment when Kacy is competing and while she may not be the most experienced superstar on the roster today her athletic background means she has serious potential and already has fans very excited!

Lio Rush

While Lio Rush has been making headlines for arguably not the greatest reasons since his arrival in the WWE no one can take away the athletic skill he possesses. We may not have seen a great deal of him on the main roster but what we have seen from Rush since he made his presence felt in the company is some seriously strong athletic skill. His small frame allows Rush to execute an array of exciting and unique moves that leave both his opponents and audiences stunned. Lio is fast, extremely charismatic and undoubtedly one of the most athletic talents in the company today and there is no doubt that if the WWE actually had given him more time Rush could have been a part of a match of the year contest simply because of his exciting and very much athletic move set.

Charlotte Flair

There is no denying that, love her or hate her, Charlotte Flair is one of the most athletic WWE Superstars today keeping gender completely out of the picture. If you put Flair in the ring with either a male or female talent, she will match them completely with her athletic skill. Every moonsault is performed so effortlessly and well that regardless of the height in which she is leaping off she can land on her feet. Every move she executes Flair is able to make look so effortless, simple and beautiful. Out of every talent, we will be talking about today its Charlotte who is able to make these moves look so clean and neat and as a result has already been a part of so many outstanding matches and has taken part in bouts and stipulation contests that have highlighted her athletic skill including Money in the Bank, Hell in a Cell, and TLC matches.


One of the most exciting superstars in the WWE today is without a shadow of a doubt former Indie talent Ricochet. Another name only a year into his WWE debut Ricochet is a man fans cannot get enough of and as one of the latest stars of Monday Night RAW this former North American Champion has an exciting future ahead of him and WWE audiences are set for many amazing matches to come. This is a man who grew his fanbase and popularity based on his athletic skill moving around the ring like a ninja and creating a new buzz around pro wrestling. Ricochet is amongst several other talents to bring in a new era and style to pro wrestling and while not to everyone’s taste and at times has been controversial the “flippy” and athletic style of Ricochet and talent like him has created a huge talking point and ushered in so many exciting bouts across the wrestling scene.


While massively underrated, Naomi is still noted as one of the most athletic talents in the WWE today and rightfully so. The former SmackDown LIVE women’s champion hasn’t always been given the time she deserves in the ring nor the attention she deserves but when looking back at what we have seen from her throughout her career there is simply no denying just how athletically talented Naomi is. Comfortable on the top tope, creating new and exciting moves in the ring and switching things up whenever she competes, Naomi is yet another exciting superstar but despite the announce team forever singing her praises when it comes to her athleticism the WWE still struggle to book her in the incorrect way and the way in which she deserves.

The WWE is jam-packed full of so many diverse and exciting superstars with styles varying more than ever before. Today we have touched on just five standout names going down as some of the most athletic talents in the WWE today but with male and female superstars including Ember Moon and Mustafa Ali also being apart of the roster the list truly endless and these names all represent a new era and style in the world of pro wrestling where entertainment and standards of wrestling reach brand new heights.

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