It is Best Of The Super Juniors, a time for the juniors to shine in NJPW.  So it’s time for the return of the Junior Heavyweight review style for Day 3 of BOSJ.  A night of A Block action with some very interesting matchups.


Bullet Club (Robbie Eagles & Jado) Def. Yuya Uemura & Ren Narita// Eagles pins Uemara after the Turbo Packpack

Taichi & DOUKI Def. Ryusuke Taguchi & Shota Umino// Taichi pinned Umino after hitting the Holy Emperor’s Crucifix Bomb

Juice Robinson, Bandido & Will Ospreay Def. Rocky Romero, YOH & Toa Henare// Juice pinned Henare after hitting the Pulp Friction

LIJ (BUSHI & Tetsuya Naito) Def. Bullet Club (El Phantasmo & Gedo)// BUSHI pinned Gedo after hitting the MX

BOSJ Block A: Jonathan Gresham vs Taka Michinoku

Gresham looks so natural, no nerves

Very much the technical wizardry you’d expect from these two.

This match stayed slow and steady for the duration as two of the more technical wrestlers in this tournament put on a mat-based match.

It set out to be a good match that wouldn’t overexert the crowd and it achieved this goal, never dipping into boring but never getting all that exciting.

Gresham locks in the Octopus Hold for the win

Winner: Jonathan Gresham Rating: 4/10

Photo: NJPW1972

BOSJ Block A: Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs Tiger Mask

This kicks off before the bell, Kanemaru demasked Tiger previously which has pissed off the already grumpy veteran.

Kanemaru is working the knee of the older TM

Grimy beatdown of the knee that I’m sure some people will enjoy

Finisher kickouts? in the second match? Sure, I guess

Tiger Mask rolls Kanemaru up and picks up the win

This went too long and weirdly peaked before going back to limb work

Winner: Tiger Mask Rating: 3/10

Photo: NJPW1972

BOSJ Block A: Shingo Takagi vs Titan

I really hope business picks up after this match

This opening exchange is everything I want from BOSJ

Shingo is toying with the flippy boy

Titan is fighting back using his flips

This back and forth showing off Shingo’s power and Titan’s agility is super fun

Last Of The Dragon hit for the win.

The storytelling in this one was quite good, Shingo dominated and never looked like losing but it wasn’t a squash as Titan gave it his best shot.

Winner: Shingo Takagi Rating: 5/10

Photo: NJPW1972

BOSJ Block A: Marty Scurll vs Taiji Ishimori

Technical back and forth to start

Marty Scurll taking a page out of Ospreay’s book by screaming to sell

Ishimori has been all over Scurll, which means we’ve had a snail’s pace

Marty fights back so the pace has picked up

Cool spot where Scurll rolls through a top rope hurricanrana into a rollup pin

Set up for the hurricanrana was botched so Scurll had to sit there for about 10 seconds waiting for Ishimori to climb him

Ishimori then murders Scurll with a dropkick and meteora

Ishimori drops Scurll on his head after he can’t keep him up for a tombstone, this is a dreadful display from the former champ

Those botches have thrown both competitors off and the crowd isn’t into this

They pull it back at the end with some big moves but too little too late.

Bloody Cross from Taiji Ishimori gets him the win

Winner: Taiji Ishimori Rating: 3/10

Photo: NJPW1972

BOSJ Block A: Dragon Lee vs Sho

Dragon Lee tried to wrestle Sho’s match so I have to respect the fact he worked a different style

With that said he just isn’t good at the power junior stuff that Sho does so it came off a bit weak

Towards the end, the roles changed and Lee started to use his lucha influence a lot more and the match picked up

Lee hit the Desnucadora for the win

Winner: Dragon Lee Rating: 6/10

Photo: NJPW1972

Everything just felt off tonight.  Ishimori had an off night, Dragon Lee worked a style he isn’t familiar with, matches went too long and nothing really clicked.  A pretty poor show overall and pretty disappointing from NJPW.

A Block Standings

Taiji Ishimori-4 points (2-0-0)

Tiger Mask- 4 points (2-0-0)

Shingo Takagi- 4 points (2-0-0)

Dragon Lee- 2 points (1-0-1)

Jonathan Gresham-2 points (1-0-1)

Titan- 2 points (1-0-1)

Marty Scurll- 2 Points (1-0-1)

Sho- 0 Points (0-0-2)

Taka Michinoku- 0 Points (0-0-2)

Yoshinobu Kanemaru- 0 Points (0-0-2)

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