Even though PAC vs Hangman Page has been pulled from Double or Nothing, it did not stop the pair from getting into a fight. At Wrestle Gate Pro’s Lions Spirit event last weekend, as announced here, the pair ended up in a match together after Page answered an open challenge from PAC.

Now that match, taking place in Nottingham, has been released for free on the AEW YouTube Channel. We will not spoil the result but it did give a storyline reason for PAC pulling out of Double or Nothing and AEW. It also featured a very nasty post-match beatdown.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjCSeXMjtJw]

This also means that AEW fans can now see a match between the two, despite no match will be taking place in Las Vegas. Adam ‘Hangman’ Page has not been removed from the Double or Nothing card and is scheduled to be fighting an as yet unnamed opponent.

It was reported that PAC and AEW split over creative differences and PAC not wanting to take losses as the Enter the Dream Gate Champion for Japan’s Dragon Gate promotion.

Find out more of Wrestle Gate, the company hosting the match, here. 

(All videos and tweets and images courtesy of AEW YouTube, Wrestle Gate Pro Twitter)

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