The rumours had been swirling for some time. The Double or Nothing Buy-In show screening, for free, on ITV4 was surely a positive sign.  Now, it’s been confirmed that ITV will show the AEW weekly television show in the UK in a deal that makes “WWE’s TV deal in the UK sucks compared to” the one that All Elite Wrestling have put together!

Chris Jericho had revealed the ITV deal in his Talk is Jericho podcast, whilst Cody Rhodes dropped it into the recent An Evening With Cody & The Young Bucks stage show at Starrcast II, whilst Tony Khan also made reference to it in his interview with Jack Whitehall.

WWE’s deal with BT Sports, that is still to be confirmed, will bring content to just over two million subscribers, whilst ITV4 is a free-to-air channel with the potential to be seen in over 27 million homes. There’s also the possibility that it’ll be bumped up to one of the ITV channels higher up the EPG if ratings are good.

Aside from “it’s coming in the fall”, little else is known about the ITV deal, though it appears that AEW is in good hands in the United Kingdom. Khan noted, “the people that work at ITV Sport are like, phenomenal, phenomenal people. What I think is really cool is some of them are like, really, really big wrestling fans.” It’s a shame that the ITV’s reboot of World Of Sports Wrestling was handled by ITV’s entertainment division, given that ITV Sport is as hyped as Khan is for this new era of televised wrestling.

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