Jon Moxley has teased via a Twitter video that he will be coming to New Japan Pro Wrestling for the Best of Super Juniors Finals.

The video followed the same format as the Time’s Up video that has been following current US Champion Juice Robinson all month with an added bonus scene showing Moxley’s logo and teasing him by name.

This video caused Juice Robinson to storm off commentary during the most recent BOSJ show, where Robinson claimed to the camera that he knew who was behind the video.

NJPW1972 backed the video up by releasing a statement on Moxley coming to Ryogoku Sumo Hall for the BOSJ finals.

Jon Moxley
(Credit to All Elite Wrestling)

Moxley has already set the wrestling world on fire by gate crashing Jericho’s celebration at the end of Double or Nothing and announcing his official AEW signing.

People will also be familiar with Jon Moxley from his time in WWE, performing under the name Dean Ambrose.

Jon Moxley has also been confirmed for AEW’s Fyter Fest against an unnamed opponent.


(All images courtesy of, AEW)

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