Pro Wrestling EVE took a stand tonight against WWE’s ethically questionable big-money event in Saudi Arabia.

Offering fans an alternative by streaming some of EVE’s best matches this year completely free of charge, EVE mounted a spirited defence against an event not just devoid of women’s wrestling but banned from showing it at all. Pro Wrestling EVE’s dedication to promoting the very best of women’s wrestling (and, frankly, some of the best wrestling full stop) is admirable, not least because they are not afraid to put their metaphorical money where their mouth is – going up against the WWE machine is no mean feat.

Showcasing some of the most exciting and vibrant matches from the past year, Pro Wrestling EVE laid the foundations for Wrestle Queendom 2 on 30th June, serving as a recap for long-time fans, and catch-up for brand new additions to the ever-growing EVE fold.

Let’s take a look at the clashes that went down:

Pure-J Open Weight Championship Match: Leon vs Command Bolshoi (c)

This insane Joshi spectacle originally took place at She Slams on Saturdays back in March, as part of EVE’s International Women’s Day Weekender. And I cannot overstate what an absolute banger this match is. It’s no secret that Joshi wrestlers go hard, but Bolshoi and Leon are relentless; it truly feels as though the two of them are beating the absolute tar out of one another. Leon brings the jackhammer offence like nobody else, taking Bolshoi out with a thunderous spear for a 2.9 count. She follows up with a frog splash for another 2.9. She does everything in her power to take Bolshoi down, but it’s not enough. The veteran Command Bolshoi went on to retain, but there was absolutely no shame for Leon in defeat. You will feel every impact reverberating in your bones.

Pro Wrestling EVE Championship Match: Sammii Jayne (c) vs Charlie Morgan

This incredible title bout took place at the inaugural Wrestle Queendom, back in May 2018, and if you’re an EVE neophyte who wants to know where to begin, then this is as good a starting point as you could hope for. Defending champion Sammii Jayne had been well established as a dominant heel – not afraid to resort to underhanded tactics, the Main Event Empress would do absolutely anything to retain. Charlie Morgan, on the other hand, is the truest babyface – spirited, determined and utterly fearless. Months of derision from Sammii Jayne culminated in an absolutely stunning main event. It had absolutely everything: limb work, tables, ladders, and yes, that Kota Ibushi-esque balcony dive. When Charlie Morgan finally gets the win – hard-earned, and well-deserved – the sheer emotion is palpable. This is what Pro Wrestling EVE does best: wrestling that hits you right in the gut.

Pro Wrestling EVE Championship Match: Kay Lee Ray vs Charlie Morgan (c)

Fans of a good old fashioned swerve will enjoy this one. The culmination of four gruelling She-1 shows, reigning champion Charlie Morgan took on challenger Kay Lee Ray in a pretty even match. The two displayed intensity, stamina, unbelievable durability; equally fierce and determined, it was impossible to predict who would gain the upper hand. And as it turned out, the answer was neither.

The Wild Card ladder match at Wrestle Queendom entitled winner Nina Samuels to ‘cash in’ for a title shot at a time and place of her choosing. And Nina Samuels – ever the canny heel – chose to cash in on an exhausted Morgan. A shocking result, and the beginning of Nina Samuels’ reign of terror as Pro Wrestling EVE champion.

Pro Wrestling EVE Championship Match: Nina Samuels (c) vs Kay Lee Ray

Never one to shy from stealing the spotlight, Nina Samuels took on Kay Lee Ray in defence of her EVE Championship at Kris Wolf’s intensely emotional (and utterly hilarious) retirement show earlier this year. If EVE repeatedly proves one thing, it’s that they handle women heel wrestlers with style and aplomb. Under their wing, Nina Samuels has blossomed into a truly dominant heel with a brilliantly cultivated nasty streak. We’re yet to see her unleash her potential in NXT UK, and while there’s time enough for it to happen, this match is the perfect showcase for Nina’s accomplished heeling. Some nasty chair-based offence and a violent introduction to the venue wall almost saw Nina run away with the win, but this was Kris Wolf’s show, and she wasn’t about to let things end that way. With the referee temporarily out of commission, Kris Wolf donned the metaphorical striped jersey and – some might argue – cheated Nina out of a three count. Kay Lee Ray took advantage of the distraction to claim her first ever Pro Wrestling EVE Championship. And there was much rejoicing.

Wrestle Friends (Jetta and Erin Angel) vs the Disnae Give A F*ck Princesses (Kay Lee Ray and Viper)

…..and now for something completely different.

Twister, Hungry Hungry Hippos and a skipping rope were all props in the battle to discover who the real best friends were. To tell you more would ruin the fun, so if you like the kind of wrestling that makes Jim Cornette foam at the mouth, this match is for you. This Very Seri-ous Match took place at She Persisted in May and was a perfect Resistance Gallery swansong for the departing Kay Lee Ray and Viper.

Inaugural Pro Wrestling EVE International Championship Match: Viper vs Kasey vs Laura DiMatteo vs Jordynne Grace

Before Utami Hayashishita took the International Championship from Viper at the prestigious Korakuen Hall, there was a fast and furious four-way match at Command Attention back in 2018. Powerhouses Viper and Jordynne Grace took on fragile speedster Laura DiMatteo and smooth-skilled Kasey for the honour of being crowned EVE’s first ever International Champion. Grace and Kasey were eliminated within moments of one another, which left Viper and DiMatteo to battle it out for the title. One thing EVE does so well is David/Goliath style matches – it is never a foregone conclusion that the smaller wrestler is going to lose. And Laura DiMatteo’s indefatigable courage and incredible stamina mean she is always right on the verge of pulling off the upset. On this occasion, Viper was too much for DiMatteo, but it wasn’t an easy victory by any stretch of the imagination.

Viper would go on to lose the belt to Utami. DiMatteo, meanwhile, has found herself in a slow-burn feud with Impact star Jordynne Grace – a feud which will finally reach its apex at Wrestle Queendom 2. Expect sparks to fly when these two clash at last – and don’t bet against DiMatteo to score the win.

Super SheDown Pre-Show

Before we get onto Super-SheDown building to WrestleQueendom 2, let's take a look at part of a prior EVE show…

Posted by EVE – Riot Grrrls of Wrestling on Friday, 7 June 2019

So that was the Pro Wrestling EVE “Super SheDown” live stream, and if your appetite is insufficiently whetted, don’t worry: EVE will be running no less than four live shows in June. Tomorrow night will see EVE in their Resistance Gallery home for “She Rules”, while on 28th June the Riot Grrrls of Wrestling will be heading to Brighton for the first time ever with “She Brawls in Brighton”. On 29th June EVE will be back at the Resistance Gallery with “She’s Gonna Start A Fight.” And the very next night is the biggest event in the Pro Wrestling EVE calendar: Wrestle Queendom 2, at London’s York Hall. There’s nothing quite like the full live EVE experience, so avail yourself of one of their shows and see for yourself why EVE has amassed such a loyal following.

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