During this week’s episode of 205 Live fans witnessed former NXT Tag Team Champion Chad Gable, make his debut for the brand becoming the newest member of the roster. A smart and much-needed move and decision this has opened many doors for Gable who despite being such a skilled and talented superstar has gone massively underrated and underutilized for a matter of years now!

A Unique Spotlight

While there isn’t as big of a loyal audience tuning into 205 Live as there is Monday Night RAW, Gables move to the brand has ensured he is bound to get a spotlight he is yet to have in his main roster career so far. It’s here he will be given the chance to compete in much longer matches and work storylines with direction. 205 Live may not be the bright lights of the WWE’s flagship show but for a talent like Gable, this is the best place for him if he is to receive any kind of spotlight and have the chance to compete at a much high standard getting the exposer he deserves as a fantastic pro wrestler.

A Chance to Compete in Standout Matches

I must admit that I haven’t always been the most loyal of 205 Live viewers, however, if there is anything anyone can take away from the brand it’s the quality of the wrestling provided on a near-weekly basis. The likes of Cedric Alexander, Buddy Murphy, Tony Nese, and Mustafa Ali are amongst those who have competed in matches that can easily make the match of the year list despite not having the wider audience bouts on Monday Night RAW will receive. The move to 205 Live promises that Gable will now compete in matches against an array of different superstars that show his true capabilities and I believe that it will only be a matter of weeks till we see him working a contest noted by fans as a standout of the entire year. Brace yourselves, for we are about to see the epic wrestling talent that is Chad Gable finally make an impact!

Cruiserweight Champion

There is no doubt in my mind that Chad Gable will go on to become WWE Cruiserweight champion in the near future. While it’s a bold prediction, he is a big name in the eyes of many with so much to bring to the table. He’s style separates him from many members of the Cruiserweight division, but it also means there are so many brilliant matches coming his way. With strong performances on a weekly basis, I believe it will only be a matter of time before he finds himself in the title picture. Of course, it’s important he has the time to build momentum and connect with the audience but there is nothing stopping him from capturing singles championship gold and standing at the top of the cruiserweight division.

Setting Up a Better Future

Prior to his move to 205 Live Chad Gable was literally doing nothing. There were no storylines for him, no clear direction and we barely ever saw his face on Monday Night RAW or SmackDown Live during his time there. Going on to become a member of the 205 Live roster is hands down the best thing the WWE could have done for him and has allowed him to now set up a much stronger and better future for himself. Looking at what being apart of the cruiserweight division has done for the likes of Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, and Buddy Murphy leaves fans with a great deal of hope that Gable could easily follow in their footsteps and turn things around massively. While he is at the very start of that journey it’s clear 205 Live can open doors and set up a much stronger and brighter future for Gable.

Stepping Away from Pointless Angles

For a very long time now the WWE has had Gable working not only pointless angles but damaging one at that. Looking at the skill and potential he possesses its such a shame to see him working storyline’s and matches that have done him no good whatsoever and taken him nowhere moving forward. Sure, he has had standout moments here and there, but the WWE hasn’t scratched the surface with Gable and his capabilities. Moving to 205 Live ensures that he moves away from those weak angles that have taken so much away from him already. Instead of destroying his momentum and reputation any further this move enables him to turn things around completely.

Bringing Something New to 205 Live

What is so great about Chad Gable joining the 205 Live roster is the fact he really does bring something different to the brand itself. While he possesses the attributes of every other cruiserweight on the roster and is clearly comfortable on the top rope, he has such a classic style and is a true master in matt-based wrestling setting him apart from other stars in the division. He already stands out for bringing something new and different and it’s exciting for both him and 205 Live as a show/brand

Moving Chad Gable to 205 Live is clearly a smart decision that is bound to benefit him in the long run. It’s clear the WWE need to focus more on looking at superstars on the main roster and deciding where they are best suited at this stage of their careers and the company have managed to very successfully do that here with Chad Gable and the future looks very bright and exciting for him.

All pics courtesy of WWE

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