While it’s been less than a couple of weeks since AEW’s debut PPV Double or Nothing took place, fans are still buzzing over what was one of the most hyped and anticipated wrestling events of the year so far! Of course, one of the biggest talking points of the entire show came from the surprise debut of Jon Moxley. The former WWE Star known as Dean Ambrose left wrestling fans stunned at his huge arrival to the brand taking out everyone in sight! But with news revealing Moxley has signed a multiyear contract with AEW just who awaits him on the roster in one-on-one action.

Kenny Omega

On his debut night, fans witnessed Jon Moxley take out both Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega leaving everyone watching certain a collision between Moxley and Omega is on the horizon. With Jericho set to take on Hangman Adam Page at the next PPV booking options await Omega and after Moxley’s huge statement at the hands of Omega one can only suspect the pair are sure to collide at the next PPV or at an up and coming event. As two of the biggest names on the roster, their collision is inevitable and the face of AEW is sure to be determined in one on one action here.

Hangman Adam Page

On the topic of some of the biggest names on the AEW roster, Hangman Adam Page most certainly falls into the conversation. Set to challenge Chris Jericho for AEW gold, he is very likely to make history and take the top spot on the roster but, with that position at the top comes with great responsibility and many challengers, there is no doubt Mr Moxley is going to come for that title. A one-on-one contest between these two names for the AEW Championship makes for a huge headline title match sure to draw in plenty of fan attention but regardless of whether or not a title is in the picture this is a matchup fans must see with the pair sure to bring out different sides to one another not to mention the hardcore potential here.

Jimmy Havoc

Speaking of hardcore wrestling, I’m pretty confident plenty of fans have been holding out for a one on one match up between Jon Moxley and Jimmy Havoc since news broke Dean Ambrose was departing with the WWE. Ahead of signing with World Wrestling Entertainment, Moxley was infamous for his hardcore wrestling style and for years that side of him has been held back; however, Jon now finds himself on the same roster as the king of hardcore wrestling today, the walking deathmatch, Jimmy Havoc. The UK Star has made several comments across social media discussing a collision with Moxley and with the pair adding a darker and more barbaric angle to AEW this is yet another inevitable collision.

Pentagon Jr

A personal favourite AEW signing is, of course, Pentagon Jr and ,while he is currently working alongside brother Rey Fénix in tag team action across wrestling promotions, including AEW, Pentagon has stood out throughout his career for his singles work and its clear in the near future the company could very well book Pentagon in huge must-see singles match ups. A one-on-one between Pentagon and Moxley may be a personal dream match of mind but, considering the Lucha Underground star has an excellent reputation in hardcore contests and possesses huge fan popularity, this is a matchup sure to put fans in seats and eyes on screens.

Cody Rhodes

And the final name I had to include today is, of course, Cody Rhodes. Now, Moxley and Rhodes truly do represent a different kind of pro wrestler. Their image, backgrounds, and wrestling styles are evidently different and that’s what truly makes this collision so must see! Moxley is owning the anti-authority figure, he is taking out everyone in sight, breaking the rules and changing the game, he’s a dent in the road to AEW’s neat journey and colliding the with the man behind it all is an excellent story in itself.

Jon Moxley’s arrival in AEW is huge. It’s a major deal for both the company and Moxley and there truly are an array of dream matchups and storyline’s awaiting him and today we only just touched on five massive future angles.

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