New Japan Pro Wrestling have continued the reveal train by announcing the full schedule of tournament matches for the G1 Climax Tournament. It has followed on from yesterday’s reveal of the competitors and has now given out the full list of dates to find your most anticipated matches.

This now also means we know the tournament matches for the Night One as G1 Climax 29 show taking place in Dallas, Texas on July 6 will be tournament opening day. On the card is KENTA vs Kota Ibushi and Okada vs Tanahashi, two of the potentially biggest matches in the A Block.

The NJPW English site has a gallery of graphics for every night’s shows for both blocks you can find below (click on a pic to open the gallery).

Lastly, it should also be noted that there are some big omissions from this year’s tournament as there is no Minoru Suzuki, Togi Makabe or YOSHI-HASHI. These names have been removed to make room for new wrestlers or tournament debuts. Not everyone took it well:


So now we have the competitors and the matches for this year’s G1 Climax Tournament. It looks to be an exciting one and potentially more competitive than ever. The tournament is less than a month away, so we’ll soon see if it can deliver some more match of the year contenders.

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