When All Elite Wrestling announced Fyter Fest will live stream for free on B/R Live and AEW fans noticed the website was not available in Europe, many started to think they would probably have to pay to watch the event. If Fite TV will live stream the event in Europe, the USA and Canada, the price was still expected, as we told you here.

After long and complex negotiations, Fite TV announced Fyter Fest will not live stream for free, whether in Europe or North America. If you click on the link of Fite TV Twitter account, you can find out Fyter Fest is available for order at 9,99$. Fite TV announced they will air the show in Europe, USA and Canada.

European fans would easily be unhappy to know US and Canadian fans could watch for free when they will have to pay to watch Fyter Fest. But the fact is, in Europe, the only way for you to see Jon Moxley AEW PPV debut against Joey Janela and many more great wrestlers and matches, order Fyter Fest on Fite TV here. Fyter Fest will air live on Sunday, June 30th, 2019 at 1 AM BST.