We’re just a few days from Stomping Grounds. If you think RAW is a mess, don’t worry SmackDown Live is not better. Dolph Ziggler is more than decided to become WWE Champion. Alexa Bliss wants her Moment of Bliss and grabs the Blue Women’s title out of Bayley’s waist. I don’t even remember who are the Tag Team Champions there. Shane McMahon still believes he’s the Best in the World. And, as you may have noticed, I’m the Queen of France. Tonight is Nygma time, so let’s not waste any more time and see what went down as we check out SmackDown Live.

Big SmackDown Live things happening this week:

  • Kofi welcomed everyone to SmackDown Live, the New Day plugged Stomping Grounds. The New Day started in with their comedy until the music hits and out came Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler said again Kofi doesn’t deserve to be WWE Champion. Kofi warned Ziggler ahead of his singles match with Xavier Woods tonight. Ziggler promised to come out on top and then take the WWE Title from Kofi at Stomping Grounds on Sunday. Ziggler added Kofi doesn’t deserve to be champion and without The New Day, he is nothing.
  • Dolph Ziggler defeated Xavier Woods. Zayn and Owens got involved.
  • Shelton Benjamin and The B Team in a hallway were interested in being the special referee for Stomping Grounds match between Baron Corbin and Seth Rollins. We saw Matt Hardy walking out of Corbin’s office.

  • “A Moment of Bliss” segment with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Bliss wanted a coffee, SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Bayley came out instead, taking a sip of Bliss’ coffee. Bliss said Bayley crushed Nikki’s dreams of being a tag team champion on RAW last night. Bayley said Bliss isn’t really a friend of Nikki’s, she’s just using her. Bayley added she’s tired of Bliss and has had enough of her talking behind her back. Bayley dared Bliss to say it to her face. After minutes of blah-blah, Bayley attacked Bliss. Bayley and Cross had words now, then Bliss attacked Bayley from the side and drops her.
  • Apollo Crews approached Zelina Vega as he was looking for Andrade. Vega wondered if he was flirting with her or really looking for Andrade. Apollo was surprised. This lead to Andrade attacking Crews and destroying him in a quick fit of rage. The camera cut to Chad Gable off to the side, taking more notes.
  • Heavy Machinery defeated The B Team. SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan joined the announcers for commentary. After the match, Rowan and Bryan stared Heavy Machinery down as they celebrated the win. Otis and Tucker headed up the ramp as their music plays. WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins suddenly hit the ring with a steel chair. Rollins unloaded on Axel and Dallas with chair shots.

  • Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens approached Shane McMahon to inform him of what Seth Rollins just did. Sami said he’s a guest here under the Wild Card Rule and he doesn’t feel safe. Owens agreed and said we’ve got to do something about this. Sami and Owens told Shane he has a problem with both champions, Rollins and Kofi Kingston because they are bad people. Shane proposed a 2 of 3 Falls match with Rollins and Kofi vs. Owens and Sami for tonight.
  • Vignette from Aleister Black. Black understood why no one has picked a fight with him because he can hear their whispers as they pass by. He heard them talk about how Black was told he’d amount to nothing, how Black was a child destined to fall from grace. Black knew what they’re thinking but this is not a “Woe Is Me” story, this is a “Woe My Opponents” story because, eventually, someone will come knocking at his door, someone will pick a fight with him, and when they fight their fight, Black shall change the essence of that man.
  • The 3 Stooges, sorry Shane McMahon, Elias and Drew McIntyre in the ring. Drew said Shane wanted him to end Roman Reigns‘ career last night but they didn’t because they’re better men than Reigns. The Miz made his way out under the WWE Wild Card Rule. Miz showed slow-motion shots of the brawl in Shane’s office on last night’s RAW. We also saw Reigns getting payback. Miz laughed and Shane wasn’t happy.
    Miz joked but went on about how Shane first pushed for SmackDown Live to be the land of opportunity, but now no one got opportunity except for Shane and his crew. Miz said everyone is sick of Shane. Miz continued saying Shane is his responsibility, he’s the one who sent Shane down this ego trip, and he will be the one to end it.
    Shane proposed McIntyre and Elias vs. Miz and a partner of his choosing, as long as it happens in the next 10 seconds. Shane started counting. WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth suddenly appeared at ringside, creeping around. Miz named Truth as his partner for the Awesome Truth reunion. Shane made the match official and says it will be a Tag Team Elimination match. Shane called for a referee to come down.

  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The IIconics were backstage with Paige, Asuka and Kairi Sane. Paige wanted a title shot for The Kabuki Warriors but The IIconics insulted them and turned them down. Paige revealed she’s secured a match for her team at next week’s WWE live event in Tokyo, Japan, and if they win, then they will earn a title shot. The IIconics weren’t happy.
  • Elias and Drew McIntyre defeated The Miz and R-Truth in the Tag Team Elimination Match. R-Truth was chased by a load of Superstars who wanted his 24/7 belt. After the match, Shane raised the arms of Drew and Elias in the ring as they stood over Miz. The triple team attack began, Miz ate a Claymore, then another.
  • Ember Moon was backstage looking for Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville while Carmella was looking for R-Truth. Doughnut attack followed.

  • WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth was outside looking for Carmella so they can leave. A referee appeared and Truth thought it was his Uber driver. Drake Maverick appeared, dressed as Carmella. This lead to Drake pinning Truth to become the new champion. R-Truth thought it was Carmella who pinned him for the title.
  • Replay of Bray Wyatt‘s “Firefly Fun House” segment from RAW.
  • Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins defeated Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in a 2 of 3 Falls Match. After the match, the Champions stood tall and celebrated.


Go-Home show for Stomping Grounds. RAW replays because they had nothing more to offer. No Roman Reigns, no Ali, no Finn Balor, no Charlotte Flair, is there still a pilot in the Blue plane? The Wild Card rule has created such a mess it will not be easy to get out of…

All pics courtesy of WWE.com

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