With former NXT Champion Aleister Black yet to make an impact on the main roster, he is set to soon begin his path of unique destruction on SmackDown Live with promos focusing in on his proper singles star debut. It’s unclear as to what direction the WWE will take Black in terms of a heel or babyface persona but in today’s blog post we are going to be exploring some of the must-see matches and opponents Aleister must find himself in upon truly arriving on the blue brand.

Randy Orton

In recent months, Orton has been a part of some solid storylines and bouts. With the WWE really focusing in on his dark and sadistic side its angles involving Jeff Hardy, Triple H, and AJ Styles that have truly put him on notice once again. Moving forward, it’s clear there really is no better next challenger for Orton than up and coming star, Aleister Black. Similar in their dark and intense personalities this is a clash of era’s fans want and need to see. There’s a passing of the torch element here that immediately grabs your attention and it’s clear some amazing work can take place between them. While they may share very different styles in the ring there are some epic promos and segments awaiting these two with an intense nature to their feud sure to be evident from day one.

Finn Balor

Here we have a story of two all-time NXT greats who again have striking similarities and not only when it comes to the journeys in the WWE. Once again, the pair share a dark side to their characters and bring something very new, modern and unique to the table. However, unlike Orton, Black and Balor do in fact have similarities within their in-ring style also. While not completely the same with Black having his striking advantage, they are both fast paced athletic stars who wrestle with great intensity and exciting style. A collision between these two, possibly for the IC title, is a fantastic new direction for both superstars and the match we would see go down could be noted as a highlight of the entire year.

Shinsuke Nakamura

If there is anyone in need of a big-time matchup its Shinsuke Nakamura. A man I’m confident could be on his way out within the next couple of years or less, it’s about time the WWE began to remind fans of just how amazingly talented Nakamura is. This is a Superstar who stole the show in addition of NXT TakeOver: Dallas against Sami Zayn, this is a man who was once one of the biggest signings in the company and seeing him reduced to literally nothing is massively disheartening. Taking on Aleister Black in one on one action promises a fantastic and epic encounter awaits. Both brilliant strikers and working at a similar pace in the ring, this is a match I have wanted to see for a very long time! This has every bit of potential to completely turn things around for Nakamura and give Black a hugely standout contest within his first few weeks or months as a SmackDown Live superstar.

Kevin Owens

Once again, we have a set up involving two former NXT Champions with Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black sure to be a huge must-see contest and one I have personally wanted to see take place for a very long time! Here were have two men who play such a huge role in the future of the WWE but also two massively popular superstars going down as fantastic wrestlers on the scene today. Both men have been apart of epic matches throughout their career so far and the thought them colliding inside a WWE ring is a very exciting one at that! This promises to be a huge encounter with some phenomenal and exciting spots throughout, not to mention with both men so amazing at character work the build and the story attached to any of their matches is most certainly going to be just as must see and entertaining.

Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy is yet another name fans are yet to see make an impact over on SmackDown Live but, considering he has gone down as one of the best Cruiserweight champions of all time and has been a part of so many fantastic matches, I’m hopeful that some exciting encounters await him on the blue brand with a list of his own easy to create! With that in mind, a first-ever collision between Murphy and Black is just as if not more exciting than any of the matches we have spoken about today already. Murphy is hands down one of the most athletic, skilled and exciting superstars on the roster today and putting him in the ring with a talent like Black promises not only a must-see matchup but one that could very easily go down as one of the best matches of twenty nineteen and recent memory. The key thing here is time, while the storyline may not be as strong as some we have mentioned today if the pair is given enough time in the ring then true wrestling magic can and will be created.

Aleister Black is an extremely talented and exciting superstar and I honestly cannot wait to see more of him on the main roster and what the WWE has planned for him! There, of course, are so many superstars Black could create something special within the ring and today we have only touched on five!

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