With the WWE roster more stacked than ever before there is an endless list of dream and must-see matches involving WWE and NXT roster members. Whether it be the tag team division, women’s division, or top main event male stars there are many epic collisions fans are waiting to bear witness to and today we are going to be looking at five examples!

Cesaro vs Fabian Aichner

While still massively underutilized, there is no taking away just how seriously skilled and talented former United States Champion Cesaro is. Throughout his WWE career he has been a part of so many fantastic matches against an array of superstars and looking at the NXT roster today there are several names Cesaro could collide with to create something very special in the ring with, one of those names being Fabian Aichner. He may be another seriously underutilized talent but Aichner is extremely skilled and one heck of a Cruiserweight. Matches over on NXT and NXT UK have shown Aichner to be a fast-paced, strong and very athletic superstar and colliding with a talent with similarities in terms of strength and speed like Cesaro is sure to promise a must-see Collison and epic wrestling match up.

Natalya vs Deonna Purrazzo

Despite not being used to her true full potential Natalya is an important part of the WWE Women’s division today. A true veteran she has rarely been apart of big, lengthy matches over on the main roster but has had bouts throughout her career that has shown her to be a fantastic pro wrestler. A collision with NXT newcomer Deonna Purrazzo makes for a match of dreams for any fan who has witnessed Purrazzo’s work over the years. Skilled in the art of submissions and pure wrestling, Purrazzo is a woman the WWE universe are yet to see the very best of and colliding with Natalya promises to bring out the best in both women. They are very similar in styles and taking on Deonna will allow Natalya to once again showcase her fantastic skill and talent.

Matt Riddle vs Sami Zayn

When it comes down to intense performers in the WWE today you won’t come across two men who top the list quite as much as Sami Zayn and NXT star Matt Riddle. Both phenomenal wrestlers the pair have taken part in NXT bouts that have gone down as some of the best the brand has seen in its history. A collision involving both superstars is once again, yet another dream match up and one sure to cater to a slightly older area of the WWE Universe and the hardcore wrestling fans of the world today. This is a contest that has every bit of potential to go down as a massive highlight and become a strong match of the year candidate with the WWE Universe bound to dub it a five-star matchup.

Adam Cole vs Bray Wyatt

As a big-time, fan of both Bray Wyatt and Adam Cole, of course, I would love to see the pair collide in a one on one match up but there is no denying the serious potential this contest holds. Both Cole and Wyatt are brilliant pro wrestlers and have also taken part in so many fantastic matches over the years. Of course, they have their differences in terms of image and areas of their styles but considering how good they are at finding talent to follow in their lead, take control and work awesome matches there is no one who can deny just how epic this encounter truly could be and the dark twists and turns their story could provide with possible collision of fractions in the future also.

The Undisputed Era vs The Revival

Tag team wrestling over on the main roster may be failed at times but the talent most certainly is there. When we look at the NXT Tag Team division however, it is as strong as ever with consistently strong matches that could main event any TakeOver show and teams growing in momentum every week. Two standout tag teams on both the main roster and NXT are of course The Undisputed Era and The Revival. During their time on the black and gold brand, The Revival changed the shape of tag team wrestling putting it back on notice and competing in truly epic encounters, colliding with the Undisputed Era is the stuff of dreams for sure! This is a match that could without a doubt main event any PPV and has all the potential in the world to go down as an all-time great once again making huge changes for tag team wrestling today.

There truly is so much talent across the WWE today whether it be on the main roster, NXT, NXT UK or the 205 Live. There is so much epic content but with all these names it’s clear there is an endless list of dream encounters we just cannot wait to see in the future.

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