Oriental Wrestling Entertainment will be launching a UK-based sister promotion following its upcoming UK tour. The China-based promotion has an upcoming tour in the UK during September this year and will now be opening a new promotion announcing there will be a UK champion and UK Tag Team Champions.

People will be familiar with OWE through their ties to All Elite Wrestling and the often-headlining Strong Hearts group who took on SCU at Double or Nothing. Their leader Cima is also highly recognisable for his work in the UK, Japan and with All Elite Wrestling.

They also have announced two UK talents visiting China to get acclimatised to the wrestling style. Those talents are Robert Sharpe and Lou King Sharp who have both been signed contracts with the company.


In addition, Sean McMahon was appointed as SVP of OWE United Kingdom and Jay Apter as Head of Creative. Sean McMahon said in a press statement, “This is an incredible opportunity for the UK. In true OWE style, fans can expect a slice of the unexpected with all this talent on one stage. The United Kingdom is a hotbed of pro-wrestling and OWE United Kingdom will bridge the gap between the East and West.  One thing is for sure, the dream matches that everyone thought not possible will now become a reality.”

In the same press statement, OWE president Dragon Fu said, “This is an open challenge to the world and the UK to bring your very best, your elite, to compete against OWE China in the UK as East meets West.” This was also tweeted on the OWE UK Twitter account.

Alongside the UK tour, OWE are also part of a crossover show in Toronto. This will take place on August 7 in cooperation with Smash Wrestling, Progress, wXw and other promotions. Once again, the UK tour dates are on September 18 and 19 in London and September 20 to 22 in Liverpool.

More information on OWE UK on https://twitter.com/OWEUnitdKingdom and https://www.orientalwrestlingentertainment.com/uk

(All images courtesy of OWE Twitter)

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