Last week we reported that OWE plan on establishing a UK contingent of their brand after a tour that takes place in September. As part of the card for this tour, a Tag Team Tournament has been established.

OWE UK’s Twitter account released a video announcing the first team to be taking part in the tournament and it’s none other than their main faction, Strong Hearts. The three members taking part are their leader CIMA, current Wrestle-1 Champion T-Hawk and El Lindaman.

This team may seem familiar to some as it’s also the group that took on SCU in the opening match of AEW’s Double or Nothing and CIMA took on and beat Christopher Daniels at Fyter Fest this past weekend.

It is also expected that their first signed UK talents Robert Sharpe and Lou King Sharp will be announced as part of the tour, be it as singles stars or as a team. They are currently in China working with the company.

The tour will be taking place from September 18th-22nd with two shows in London and three shows in Liverpool. More information about the company and tickets for their tour can be found here.


OWE UK kindly reacted to our news by announcing a new team for the tournament in The Gym Nasty Boys. Timmy Lou Retton and White Mike has been a renowned team in the US indie wrestling scene since 2017. They are said to be “one of the most entertaining tag team you’ll ever see. The perfect mix of true athleticism and genuinely funny moments. Both guys are equally talented in the ring and provide non-stop fun. I hope these guys go a long way, as they deserve to have their names put out there. Every show they appear on, they end up more over than most of the other wrestlers.”

(All images courtesy of OWE UK Twitter, CIMA Twitter)

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