On this week’s episode of 205 Live, fans had an incredibly simple show with one match being the focal point of the entire episode. The commentary team kept repeating that they had a “double main event,” which may have been their way of explaining that instead of three matches, this week they only had two. The Singh Brothers would open the show in a rematch with the Lucha House Party, only this time it was a tornado tag. In the main event, storylines would combine as Drew Gulak teamed with Mike Kanellis and Ariya Daivari to take on Tony Nese, Oney Lorcan, and Jack Gallagher.

I appreciate how WWE changed up the routine of the show this week, especially by having a six-man tag match as the main event. They did advance some stories and finish with somewhat of a cliff-hanger, and despite neither match hitting a home run in terms of quality, there was enough to keep one entertained during this episode of 205 Live.

205 Live - 2/7/19 - 2

Instead of opening with a video package of Drake Maverick giving us a rundown of what to expect, we had a locker room segment featuring Tony Nese and his partners Jack Gallagher and Oney Lorcan. A simple segment where Nese talks about the threat his Extreme Rules opponent Drew Gulak poses while allowing Lorcan and Gallagher to give their thoughts on their current rivals as well. The segment highlighted each man’s motivation for the main event and gave us a reason to stick around until the very end of the episode.

The Singh Brothers vs. Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik) – Tornado Tag

Before discussing any of the actual superstars in this opening bout, I have to highlight Nigel McGuinness’ incredibly entertaining commentary during this rematch. His fondness and praise for The Singh Brothers was classic ‘heel’ announcer. Whether it was him comparing their star power in India to The Rock or claiming they were making this match a “Lucha House Cha-Party,” he never ran out of amusing comments. His commentary was a reminder of how important an announcer can be, as he made this bout more entertaining, and made The Singhs even more unlikable.

205 Live 2/7/19 - 1

The match itself was an improvement from these two teams previous encounter. With all four men in the ring at the same time, the chaos and consistent action papered over some of the cracks that we saw last time out. However, there were still clear signs that The Singh Brothers skills in the ring are not up to scratch. Their period of dominance felt very repetitive, as I cannot recall how many times they randomly burst into dance. They are supposed to be irritating bad guys, but there is such a thing as overkill.

Lucha House Party’s comeback was entertaining, Lince Dorado was particularly impressive, and a double superkick spot where The Singhs caught Dorado and Metalik in mid-air looked great. Unfortunately, just when it seemed like the match was picking up steam, a silly ending where Samir randomly left the ring to grab his award resulted in Dorado and Metalik capitalizing, hitting top rope manoeuvres to pick up a victory in unspectacular fashion.

205 Live - 2/7/19 - 3

Mike Kanellis then cut a great backstage promo continuing his big angle from RAW and his ongoing gripe against general manager (and new 24/7 champion) Drake Maverick. As expected, he stood by himself, dejected, and angry about what had happened. And after claiming the announcement of his new baby should have been the greatest day of his life, he changed course and blamed all his troubles on Drake Maverick. He claimed that if Drake had given him the opportunities he deserved, Maria would be happy. Instead, he has to watch Drake Maverick on his honeymoon with his “happy” wife. Mike then vowed to change his fortunes, starting with a victory in the main event.

Tony Nese, Jack Gallagher, and Oney Lorcan vs. Drew Gulak, Mike Kanellis, and Ariya Daivari

Over half of this episode belonged to the six-man tag main event, and one thing that stood out about this match was how it allowed the superstars to tell their individual stories as well. A subtle hint or action enabled viewers to identify which wrestlers are feuding with one another.

205 Live - 2/7/19 - 4

Mike Kanellis took the rival team’s early offence, which made sense due to his recent struggles. Oney Lorcan’s initial entry into the match continued to show his intensity and disdain for Daivari as he instantly charged at Daivari who was on the ring apron. Also, Gulak avoiding Nese until an opportunity suited him made sense as he is a ‘heel’ champion.

They took their time building this match, and unfortunately, the pace may have been a tad too slow for the live crowd that was reasonably quiet throughout this main event. However, once the pace picked up, we had plenty of entertaining moments. As Tony Nese attempted a lionsault, Drew Gulak used his momentum to throw him to the outside. The superstars also took their turns leaping to the outside of the ring, which ended with Gallagher using his trademark umbrella and leaping onto a sea of superstars, and Nigel McGuinness assisting the action by saying “It’s Mary Bloody Poppins!”

205 Live - 2/7/19 - 5

Ultimately, after a believable near fall, where Mike Kanellis nearly picked up that all-important victory, Nese ended up hitting Mike with his sunset driver for the one, two, and three. Post-match, a brawl broke out, with each man battling their current rival, and as referees tried to break up the action, the show ended.

205 Live - 2/7/19 - 6

It was an interesting show, and the mayhem at the end leaves a little curiosity in our minds to see what will happen next week, which is always a good thing. Overall, this week’s show didn’t possess a real stand out wrestling match, but there was enough solid and logical content to keep you engaged.

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