With a tag team opportunity secured, it appears the Kabuki Warriors are finally getting the push in the right direction and, while delayed massively, it’s the first sign at a possible turn around for the women’s tag team division. Now, its been pointed out by many that this team may not have the brightest future ahead of them due to lack of chemistry and the current state of the division amongst many reasons for this theory however, the alliance between Asuka and Kairi Sane makes for one with great potential and with Paige by their side there are many potential storylines the WWE could book moving forward.

Paige Reunites Absolution

While it’s brilliant to see Paige back on our screens and working a new role, there is no denying that there is a lack of chemistry between her and the Kabuki Warriors. The alliance makes next to no sense and the whole thing has felt forced from Day One. Reuniting Paige with Absolution is an angle the WWE should have considered long before now but with an opening created the timing may just be better than ever. We have already seen segments, promos and interviews involving Mandy and Sonya discussing the newly formed alliance between Paige, Asuka and Kairi but moving forward if the Kabuki Warriors move on to win tag team gold (which they should) a future championship match between Sane and Asuka and Mandy and Sonya will give Paige the chance to turn on the women she has been managing to reunite Absolution putting Rose and Deville in the position of Champions.

Stronger Wrestling Content for Women’s Tag Team Division

The Women’s tag team division has been struggling in recent weeks, there is no denying that. Booking has been poor and there has been a lack of development with teams and minimal appearances from the Tag Team Champions. Moving forward we do, of course, need to see some major changes and the Kabuki Warriors have the chance to turn things around massively! Asuka and Sane are amazing wrestlers with differences in the ring that make for a dominant team, allowing them to move on to become champions will promise stronger title matches and non-title matches in the future. The competition is sure to increase and with their in-ring skill and abilities, the quality of bouts within the women’s tag team division is sure to increase greatly!

Asuka’s Heel Turn

While there is so much potential for Asuka and Kairi as a tag team it’s clear that this alliance sets up some brilliant opportunities for Asuka as a singles star. Now, since her arrival on the main roster, the WWE has made several mistakes involving Asuka, from her streak ending to Charlotte Flair to her poor booking and reign as Champion. Her alliance with Kairi Sane has opened doors of opportunity that she has needed and she now has another chance to completely turn things around. Holding the tag team titles are, of course, the first step, but moving forward an angle that sees her turn on Sane will give Asuka the chance to work something completely different. We are yet to see Asuka work within the role of a heel in the WWE but there is potential here for there to be an epic rivalry between her and Sane that will provide awesome matches and a new direction for the former SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.

Establishes Sane as major Babyface

In the events of turning Asuka heel, it creates another great opportunity to further push Kairi Sane as one of the biggest and best babyfaces on the roster today. She has worked in the role of a babyface throughout her WWE career so far and she has done an excellent job within that role. She’s extremely likeable and works her character very well, spending months building up her popularity within the Kabuki Warriors alliance to then face a brutal attack at the hands of her tag team partner already creates a major babyface role for Sane but once we have that emotional connection between Kairi and the WWE universe this alliance and rivalry between the two will set up a great future for Sane and establish her as a true top babyface within the women’s division on the main roster.

A Dominant Faction

If there is one thing majorly missing over on the main roster in the WWE its factions, something that is now completely non-existent within the women’s division. Moving forward it would be brilliant to see the WWE work on including factions in its women’s division and there is a great opportunity to create that here. We, of course, have seen Kairi Sane and Io Shirai work as a tag team already during Sane’s time in NXT, reuniting the pair on the main roster at a later date and booking Io to join this team creates something completely new and different for the Women’s division, not to mention just how dominant this faction could actually be and the epic potential storylines that await them!

There are evidently some brilliant opportunities here for the women’s division and the Women’s Tag Team Division in WWE. It’s clear there are make or break situations here, but with the direction, the alliance between Kairi Sane, Asuka and Paige could create something truly epic and exciting!

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