Throughout wrestling history, fans have bared witness to an array of different characters with the weird and wonderful forever standing out in each and every era, but just what have been some of the best weird and wonderful characters in recent wrestling memory? Whether it be the WWE, the UK Scene or the indies, today we are going to be diving into some of the most out there characters in recent years and exactly why they have made such an impact.

Mikey Whiplash

ICW has always had such an interesting and diverse roster. The modern-day version of ECW has an array of different kinds of talent ranging from ages, sizes and levels of experience and of course, so many unique characters, however, none quite stand out as much as the controversial Mikey Whiplash. From dressing as Marylin Monroe to running a satanic-like cult ICW have more than pushed the boundaries here but Whiplash’s convincing and haunting portrayal of his character has grabbed fan attention from day one. There is absolutely no one else like him on the wrestling scene and with years of experience, his charisma is matched so well with his wrestling ability. With so many standout rivalries and storylines behind him, Whiplash is an iconic member of the ICW roster and a seriously underrated talent on the wrestling scene today.

Bray Wyatt

Moving over to the WWE and of course, we must touch on Bray Wyatt. Leader of the Wyatt family, one of the best speakers/promo workers in recent memory, and a talent in the midst of re-inventing and pushing his character to new levels. Haunting, dark, intense and at times unpredictable the spooky elements of Wyatt’s character may not have always been portrayed as well due to storytelling but there is no denying just how entertaining and twisted Wyatt’s character has been and continues to grow to become. Current video packages and segments have shown a new side to Bray that somehow manages to be more twisted and sadistic than ever.


Another ICW talent is up next in the form of Jokey. Popular and known amongst fans for her work alongside Mikey Whiplash Jokey is one of the most intense and entertaining characters in the world of women’s wrestling today! In the months and years to follow, I really do hope fans get to see more of her work on a wider and bigger platform for her entertaining character is one not to miss out on. Her presence is fantastic with Jokey/Aivill making an impact without even uttering a word!  Full of charisma and so much potential there is plenty more to be seen from this very talented woman and her character work is something seriously standout and at a level, we are not seeing many other female talents around the world delivering at.

Randy Myers “The Weirdo Hero”

The Weirdo Hero is, unfortunately, a name we don’t see many wrestling fans talk very much about, however, he is one heck of a standout character with serious charisma and the ability to keep all fans entertained during any match against any kind of opponent. Wherever he goes the spotlight is firmly on him whether it be because of green hair, kisses or his flamboyant yet haunting character he portrays. This is a man with so much talent both as a creative talent away from the ring and as an entertaining athlete/pro wrestler. Every single match is full of so much personality and entertainment!

Su Yung

And we conclude with a look at one of the biggest standout characters over in Impact Wrestling today, Su Yung. The former Knockouts champion has been haunting and damn right scaring the women of the Impact Zone from the moment she arrived on the scene and continues to do exactly that. Adding a new element to both the Knockouts division and Impact wrestling as a whole, she is a terrifying character with so much presence and charisma. Yung continues to play a huge role in major storylines for the division and the moment her music hits, I’m genuinely left with goosebumps. The company has explored so many layers to her character that both interesting and unpredictable to image what will be coming up next for her.

There are, of course, so many names across the wrestling scene today that fit into the weird and wonderful bracket but putting a spotlight on some of these names today can hopefully spark a conversation regarding talent competing in the wrestling world today.

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