WWE is forever facing criticism when it comes to their weekly products. There is either too much or something, not enough of something else and major talking point arising week in and week out. However, it’s not all doom and gloom and it’s about time we looked at exactly what WWE is, in fact, getting right when it comes down to their current product.

Bray Wyatt’s Return

For a couple of months now, the WWE has been focusing in on the return of Bray Wyatt. His first appearance on WWE TV took place back in April where fans were introduced to a new version of the former WWE Champion. Promising change and a fresh start, the new direction initially divided fan opinion, however, his weekly promos have proven to be a major hit and have left many optimistic and excited for what is to come for Wyatt. This is a completely new direction for Bray, but most certainly needed! The WWE has done a brilliant job at portraying this new element to Wyatt’s character and there is genuine anticipation to see him return to Monday Night RAW. What we have seen so far has been massively entertaining and the months coming up are sure to be interesting for this returning top talent.

Nikki Cross’ Push

In recent weeks, fans have witnessed the growing and rather interesting alliance between Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. With Bliss appearing to be on a losing streak and Cross in fact on a winning streak, Nikki has finally been given a spotlight she most certainly deserves, and storyline wise, things are getting very exciting for her. Pinning the SmackDown Live Women’s Champion and remaining in a key angle, Cross is appearing regularly on both shows every week and her popularity and momentum is growing greatly. It’s clear there is work to be done in the Women’s division today, however, Cross’ push is a breath of fresh air as we witness a new face in the spotlight over in the division and it’s clear there is plenty to come for her in the following months.

24/7 Championship

While I admit that I haven’t always been the biggest fan of the 24/7 Championship and the concept around it, it has become clear that the title is adding something different to both RAW and SmackDown Live fans of all ages are finding entertaining. There is a comedic angle here that gives forgotten stars, those not booked in anything solid, and “jobbers” the chance to be involved in something during the weekly product and its both working and winning fans over. Now, moving forward it would be great and important to see stars of a bigger name and position on the roster involved in the 24/7 title, however, audiences are finding themselves genuinely entertained by the content here and it’s a light-hearted element of Monday Night RAW fans can simply just enjoy.

AJ Styles Heel Turn

One of the most exciting things happening in the WWE right now is the reformation of the Club. With AJ Styles once again standing alongside Anderson and Gallows, this is an exciting angle that has opened so many creative doors of opportunity. Styles involved in the US title scene is a major deal and will add plenty to the Championship itself, however, a heel Styles is something many have wanted to see for a while and the direction makes perfect sense. The timing is most certainly fitting and the idea to reform the Club allows Anderson and Gallows to finally have a solid position on the roster once again after months of not truly being a part of anything strong. There is plenty of big storyline’s that could be coming up here not to mention how brilliant it is to see a faction once again on RAW and SmackDown Live.


There is no denying that the most consistent thing in the WWE right and has been for a while is the work we are seeing over in NXT. From the fantastic work over in the Women’s division involving cage matches, Io Shirai’s heel turn, the breakout star tournament and the level of competition, NXT remains one of the best places for excellent wrestling content and there are no signs of that changing any time soon. There is still plenty of elements of the black and gold brand that could and should be used over on the main roster but we may just be about to witness that happen!

Shane McMahon

While the work involving Shane McMahon continues to divide fans, it’s clear there is so much potential here in terms of storylines moving forward and what the WWE can do. Shane has been nailing his current position on the roster reminding us all just how damn good of a heel he makes. Promos and character development have been nothing short of excellent and no one can deny how consistent he has been in the ring. From great matches to solid storylines McMahon has been a key part of both RAW and SmackDown Live for a number of months now and his alliance with Drew McIntyre is sure to open up major opportunities for the Scottish Psychopath.  Shane is leaving fans genuinely feeling something when they watch and it’s safe to say he is most certainly an entertaining factor in the WWE today!

With both Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff working creatively for RAW and SmackDown Live, it’s almost certain we are about to witness major positive changes within the company with fans already pointing out differences in the shows. There are clearly many solid storyline’s and setups happening right now and the future most certainly looks very exciting.

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