Hot off the heels of yesterday’s reveal, OWE UK have brought us more teams and stars for their UK product. This time, in a mix of tweets and a pop culture laden YouTube Video, the company revealed that The International Superstars are joining the company across multiple divisions.


Dream Girl Ellie, Blanco Loco, Joey Ozbourne, and Zach Cooper are all currently in, with Loco and Cooper looking to be in the tag tournament and Dream Girl Ellie confirmed for the women’s division. They also teased that their other member Joey Ozbourne will also join them on their UK Adventure. He could be a part of the Tag Tournament as he has held gold with Loco before.

The International Superstars are a stable of wrestlers who have fought for countless promotions including American Combat Wrestling where they’ve been tag champs and further afield in wXw and a slew of others. They have been Champions before and could easily do it again.

They join the Anti Fun Police, Arrows of Hungary, Gym Nasty Boyz and Strong Hearts as the announced participants of the tournament. As a fun-loving team, it’s easy to see Loco especially clashing with No Fun Dunne and Santos Jr.  With Dream Girl Ellie’s announcement, this also means we have the first name in OWE UK’s women’s division.







The company has been sending out scrolls worldwide to build up a roster for its upcoming UK promotion, which also saw them snag UK talents Robert Sharpe and Lou King Sharp.

For more information on the company and tickets, be sure to check out their Twitter and their website here.

All images and videos courtesy of OWE UK Twitter and YouTube

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