PROGRESS have announced that they are unveiling a new Championship title. The belt is called the Proteus Title and will replace the Atlas Title. Proteus was a God of Sea in Greek Myth, notable for being a shapeshifter who could be literally anything he wished.

WALTER had been holding both the PROGRESS Championship and the Atlas Championship after beating Trent Seven at Super Strong Style 16 Tournament in May. Due to what PROGRESS owner Jim Smallman dubbed as excessive travel fees, the Atlas Title has been retired.

The new Proteus Title will be a title that is contested under any rules the champion sets. Smallman used hardcore, hybrid and dance-offs as examples of any potential rules a champion could make.

To decide who will become the first Proteus champion, PROGRESS will be hosting a special Rumble match at their 15th September show Chapter 95 at the Alexandria Palace in London.

The title has made some buzz on Twitter as wrestlers and referees have shown some interest in or reacted to the new title. Jimmy Havoc, Rickey Shane Page, Roy Johnson and referee Marc Parry have all made comments about the title.

The Proteus title will join the PROGRESS Championship held by WALTER, Tag Team Championship held by Aussie Open and Women’s Championship held by Jordynne Grace.

Tickets for their upcoming shows including the September 15th show can be found here.

Images and videos courtesy of PROGRESS Wrestling, Ticket Tailor and Marc Parry 

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