Love her or hate her Charlotte Flair has become one of the biggest female superstars in the history of WWE. Less than ten years into her career and Flair has already become an eight-time women’s champion, made history several times over and main evented WrestleMania! Now, she may not quite have won over the hearts of WWE Universe, but her booking has been smart and while certain victories and angles have left many frustrated there have been several decisions made regarding her career that truly have been well thought out and executed.

VS Natalya at NXT TakeOver 

To this day, one of Charlotte Flair’s best matches was her NXT Women’s championship bout against Natalya during the early stages of her career. With the two women coming from legendary families in the wrestling world, fans saw Ric Flair and Bret Hart stand at ringside for a contest that would kick start a whole evolution in the world of women’s wrestling. Easily Natalya’s best match to date this contest showed just how epic the female talent can be when given the time. This was an excellent wrestling match up that really did see the beginning of Charlotte’s WWE career and saw her pick up her first Championship victory becoming only the second NXT Women’s champ in history.

Defeating Paige

A rivalry that did have plenty of potential yet was failed due to terrible and controversial promos and weak storytelling. involved a collision between Charlotte Flair and Paige. Going one on one with Paige was an angle I personally was completely behind. Both women had been so vital in the evolution of women’s wrestling and their pairing during the early months of Charlotte’s career meant it made all the sense in the world for the pair to collide and for Paige to turn on her former ally. The match between the two at Survivor Series 2015 didn’t quite live up to expectation but seeing Charlotte walk away with the win was important and sensible booking. Taking out the woman who had picked up gold before her and brought her to Monday Night RAW added so much momentum to Flair’s Journey and signalled a true power shift.

Main Eventing WrestleMania 

While I was among the many to stand against the idea of Charlotte joining WrestleMania main event this year alongside Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey there is no denying this was booking that massively added to Flair superiority and the role in which she played In this match was huge. Many fans including myself have since pointed out their belief that it was, in fact, Charlotte who stood out the greatest in this triple threat and really made this match. It’s clear the WWE have been shaping Charlotte as the face of the division since her arrival on the main roster and having her miss out on the first women’s Mania main event was never really going to happen. This further cemented her as the face of the WWE women’s division, the top dog and the woman at the very top.

The Ronda Rousey Attack

Arguably my favourite Charlotte Flair moment comes from last year’s Survivor Series PPV. Taking part in a standout contest against Ronda Rousey fans were introduced to a new side of Flair. With the match ending in DQ, the WWE universe witnessed Charlotte execute a brutal attack on the badest woman on the planet. Giving Rousey the beating of a lifetime, fans were left in utter shock at this darker and more barbaric side of Flair yet it was this attack that would result in one of if not the biggest angle in the history of women’s wrestling in the WWE.

Ending Asuka’s Streak 

Now, this next paragraph actually focuses on a booking a decision I actually have never been a fan of but it is no doubt one of the biggest wins of Flair’s career so far. During WrestleMania 34, fans sat back and watched a dream contest between Charlotte and Asuka and with Asuka still reigning undefeated this was a must-see Mania match up with many expecting the Empress of Tomorrow to pick up another win. In a shock twist, however, it was Flair who walked away with the win ending Asuka’s streak and leaving fans rather frustrated and disappointed, to say the least, however, the queen gained more momentum and star power here and continued to work as a huge talking point amongst the women’s division.

8X Champion

I have no doubt in my mind that at some point in her WWE career Charlotte Flair will beat her father’s record of Championship reigns and after already making enough history of her own she is well and truly on her way to achieving just that! We have seen Flair break Trish Stratus’ record becoming an eight-time Women’s champion and over the next year or so we can most certainly, expect her to enter the double digits. Flair’s eighth reign really did send a huge message, she broke the record of a Hall of Famer, raised the bar and in her own way once again created a new standard and level to the women’s evolution.

Throughout her career already, Charlotte Flair has been apart of so many amazing and memorable moments. Rivalries against the likes of Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks changed the game and provided an array of epic matches while historic bouts including TLC matches, Hell in a Cell, and Falls count anywhere has shown her to be the true face of the WWE women’s division today and regardless of whether you love her or hate Charlotte Flair is an all-round talent with still so much coming up.

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