The Flying Prince Gao Jingjia, a member of OWE China roster and of OWE stable The Strong Hearts, is joining OWE UK singles competition at OWE UK’s inaugural Tag Team tournament. This is the first time that he will be appearing in the UK, and also the first time in Europe, like Achilles Ben and more OWE China talents we’ll tell you about soon.

“The Flying Prince is one of the many talents you will be seeing exclusively appearing across the OWE & AEW brands. Be prepared to see the impossible, the incredible, and the damn right amazing as The Flying Prince officially arrives in OWE United Kingdom this September,” confirmed the company. It’s true that this talented high-flyer is meant to make an impact in the UK, see below.

Since we started to announce the participants in the OWE UK Tag Team Tournament and the creation of 4 divisions, Tag Team, UK Title, Openweight and Women’s, we haven’t got the chance to announce that many singles competitors. OWE’s Achilles Ben is officially in. The International Superstars, through Dream Girl Ellie, Blanco Loco, Joey Ozbourne and Zach Cooper, could and should be a part of any division, with Ellie being the first women announced.

OWE UK Tag Tournament officially has 11 teams out of 16. A little bird told us some AEW teams should be involved. Here’s the complete list, as of today:

To reply to the many requests for multi-day tickets for both venues in the UK tour, OWE UK decided to create passes for the 2 London shows and 3 Liverpool shows. A 5-day pass for all OWE UK shows is also available. The tour will be taking place from September 18th-22nd. For more information on the company and tickets, be sure to check out their Twitter and their website here.

Stay tuned on our media for the upcoming teams and singles competitors announcements and the interviews of all the teams and participants in the event.

All images and videos courtesy of OWE UK, Gao Jingjia and OWE

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