Throughout the course of its history, NXT has presented fans with an array of brilliant storylines involving some of the best talents in the wrestling scene today. Whether it be the Women’s or Tag Team division, or main event scene, the black and gold brand has hosted rivalries that have shaped careers and created an extremely high reputation. However, with such great history just what rivalries have gone down as all-time greatest? Of the many angles we have witnessed, which have stood out the most and made the history books? Let’s take a little walk down memory lane.

Velveteen Dream vs Aleister Black 

As two of the biggest and most entertaining superstars in the history of NXT, the collision between Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream was destined to make an impact but what we witnessed during this rather short rivalry would go on to become one of the greatest fans have ever seen in the black and gold brand. The chemistry between these two stars was evident from the get-go. The segments presented reminded many of previous work between the likes of the Undertaker and Goldust with the strikingly different characters coming together to create something very unique and entertaining. The story told here was simple but effective and managed to bring out the best in Dream effectively turning his career and position on the roster around while highlighting the darkness within Aleister Black. The matchup between the pair matches the excellence of the storyline told throughout the build to their NXT TakeOver collision and Black finally acknowledging Dream and his name was a perfect and fitting ending to a fantastic rivalry.

 Asuka vs Ember Moon

There is no denying the sheer fact that Asuka is the most dominant and impressive champion in the history of NXT. Her reign as NXT Women’s champion saw the empress of tomorrow power through the entire division standing undefeated throughout her time on the roster. Many women looked to dethrone Asuka during her historic title reign, however, it was Ember Moon who left a lasting effect and went down as Asuka’s greatest and biggest challenge. The two met several times in the ring and while Moon never walked away with the big win the two were so evenly matched and the challenger’s strong desire to not only become champion but end the winning streak of Asuka became a strong driving force behind this rivalry. Things grew more personal as time went by and while the pair ended their time on the roster with mutual respect fans await to see the pair reunite in another heated rivalry over on the main roster someday.

The Revival vs DIY

The history of the NXT Tag Team division is most certainly an excellent one at that! The black and gold brand has played a huge part in changing the modern-day perception of tag team wrestling and brought hope back to a division that has been mistreated in the WWE for many years! Two of the leading teams within this evolution of its own are of course DIY and the Revival. The matches fans bared witness to involving these two teams have gone down as some of the greatest tag team matches to come from the WWE and have been highlighted as matches of the year during the time. Colliding on several different occasions there isn’t one match up that didn’t leave audiences completely stunned! The chemistry between the two teams was completely undeniable and this was the first time in a long time that fans had actually witnessed such excellent, in-depth and consistent storytelling from the tag team division.

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens

When we think back and consider some of the top faces in the history of NXT, Sami Zayn is a name that I’m sure pops up for many. An NXT original he spent a great time being the heart of the black and gold brand and so when he finally captured gold and became the NXT champion there was a shared feeling of joy and pride amongst fans and the NXT roster. On the same night, audiences were introduced to Kevin Owens, the long-time friend of Zayn and in a shocking twist, we also saw the latest member of the NXT roster turn on the newly crowned champion kick-starting one of the most personal and intense rivalries in NXT history. The chemistry between Zayn and Owens was strong and so real that fans were left completely hooked regardless. The history was there, the story was strong, and Owens was making a major impact as the biggest heel on the roster from night one. A truly iconic rivalry between two NXT all-time greats these two most certainly raised the bar.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley

Arguably the biggest and most important rivalry in the history of the NXT Women’s division comes from the feud between Sasha Banks and Bayley. With the Boss losing her title to Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn in a match that remains one of the greatest matches in the brand’s history we saw things heat up as the two took part in a historic ironman match becoming the first women to main event an NXT TakeOver show. The rivalry between these two was a classic and simple angle focusing on good and bad. We had Bayley in one corner who represented a true babyface and Banks in the other corner who played the role as one of the best heels on the Black and gold brand. Audiences witnessed the two make history, Bayley shine as the underdog and finally win the big one and Sasha Banks cement herself as one of the best female talents the company has ever seen.

Johnny Gargano vs Tommaso Ciampa 

No two men have quite made an impact over in NXT like Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. The two climbed the ladder together and became the brands biggest stars. They arrived together, took part in the Cruiserweight Classic together, changed and shaped the tag team division and went on to work one of the most iconic rivalries we have seen in recent memory. Ciampa’s shocking turn on Gargano made for one of the best moments in NXT history and kick-started a year-long rivalry/story that changed the landscape of the black and gold brand. Personal, intense, career-changing, this feud was unlike anything we have seen in a very long time and reminded fans how a simple angle can result in the very best content. Matches went down as all-time greats, promos left fans shocked and the endless twists and turns and involvement from the likes of Aleister Black and Candice LeRae added layers to this rivalry no one could have seen coming. Topping what we have seen go down between these two stars most certainly will not be an easy task!

NXT has such an impressive history and there really are so many epic rivalries that have shaped careers and left a mark. Today we highlighted just six of those memorable collisions but what will be added to that list as the years go by? Which two superstars will make history, get fans talking and create a buzz from an awesome rivalry that leaves everyone stunned?

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