Wrestling fans were confused this week as a massive WrestleCircus show was cancelled with no explanation given. It was up to the talent taking place to break the news and try to warn people against travelling to the show.

There was an onslaught of criticism from wrestlers and fans alike who had been left high and dry after the sudden cancellation of the Scorpio Sky Summer Circus Show and the lack of warning beforehand. Twitter was ablaze with fans trying to find the now free wrestlers new bookings to replace the lost date. We saw the likes of Rosemary and The Hurricane give their opinions on the situation.

However, via the company’s Twitter we have since learned that the Circus with be closing its doors for good. In a heartfelt statement from the promoter pushing the return, known as Al, he explained that issues in his personal life and the issues trying to run the company again were too much for him.

Since this news, there have been outpourings of support, well wishes and found memories from wrestlers and fans on their time in the company. It’s never good news when a wrestling company closes it’s doors.

The company gained popularity as it was the first wrestling company to partner with Twitch, a streaming platform that has since been used by Impact to air content. This was alongside hosting matches on YouTube.

For those who bought tickets and travelled to get to the show, multiple wrestling promotions are offering discounts or free entry to shows and streaming services. The SC Instagram account has a slide show of all the available discounts but we shall also list them:

  • Beyond Wrestling will provide those who can email proof of purchase with an Indie Wrestling account to watch there big Americanrana show for free on the 28th. 
  • Title Match Network are offering a coupon code CIRCUS that allows people to watch any show from their platform on for the next two weeks.
  • Hurricane Pro Wrestling are offering WrestleCircus ticket holders half off entry into their Queens of the Ring show
  • Lastly, for fans who flew to Austin Texas to see the WrestleCircus comeback show can show proof of their boarding pass and see Anarchy Pro Wrestling for free.

It hurts to see wrestling companies close their doors but it’s important to remember that just like any other business, wrestling companies can fail. Much like Al encouraged in his statement, let’s focus on the positive memories than the negative way it ended.

All images and videos courtesy of WrestleCircus and Rosemary Twitter.

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