With NXT TakeOver: Toronto around the corner, we’ve finally got something to look forward to. So while we wait, let’s keep up to date and check out what went down this week on NXT.


Jordan “my smile is bigger than yours” Myles established himself as the good guy as Angel quickly made everyone aware that he’s the biggest prick in the room. Angel’s work was entertaining to view as he always seemed to find new ways to gain sneaky advantages. Whether its playing possum or taunting the crowd, Angel was fun to watch. On the other side, Jordan thrived and managed to make himself look strong and win the hearts of the crowd.

Jordan Myles got the win with a bridging German and moved on to the final. Meanwhile, Shane Thorne turned up and basically criticised the entire tournament for overlooking talent like him.


What happened in between?

– Johnny Gargano spoke to camera and announced that the first stipulation for his match with Adam Cole will be a Street Fight. Adam Cole later added his stipulation will be a basic wrestling match to prove that after NXT TakeOver: Toronto, Johnny Wrestling wouldn’t be worthy to hold his moniker.

– Killian Dane cut a promo on Matt Riddle, welcoming him to his world.

– Mia Yim surprised a mother fu*ker (one of the NXT Women’s Champion’s goons) with an attack backstage, presumably coming for the other goon next week.

Xia Li vs Bianca Belair

Bianca was incensed tonight as she went full offense on Li. While Li managed to get few good strikes in, Bianca was not her to play. Bianca came to vent, channel her aggression, but also show off. Li came back again to get a few kicks, but the EST of NXT finished the match and took the victory.


Dream Speaks

Dream called out Roderick Strong for him even thinking he could take on the Velveteen Dream. Strong came out and knows why dreams been avoiding him, because he’s scared. Strong claimed he was the real deal and could take the title. But then the best thing ever showed up unexpectedly. PETE. DUNNE.

Dunne wrenched the fingers of Strong and looked towards the North American Championship. If we’re building to Dunne vs Dream, then get me a ticket to NXT TakeOver: Toronto as I’m sold!

Strong later confronted Regal about a championship opportunity, which he did get but will now involve Pete Dunne in a triple threat for the Championship in Toronto. Double sold. Buy me 10 tickets.


Kacy Catanzaro vs Io Shirai

Here, the match was never the point. Io wiped out Kacy, only for Candice LeRae to race down and try to achieve redemption. Io ran away as Candice stood with a chair in the ring.

Keith Lee vs Damian Priest

A battle of mutual appreciation, while also adding a “anything you can do, I can do better” mentality. Lee and Priest showed signs of respect, but the bad side of Priest came out and used it to try and keep the big man down. Priest dominated, until the resilience of Lee produced thunderous cross lines and forearms. A shocking falcon arrow from Damian Priest wasnt enough to put Lee away, as Priest continued to assault. Lee fought back and made everyone remember why the NXT fans bask in his glory by hurling Priest.

It all ended after priest used the ref as a distraction, hit a cyclone kick, then hit his finisher to steal the win.


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