Anyone who knows of PROGRESS knows of Jim Smallman. He was part of the creative team of the promotion, head booker and even ring announcer. Now, in a video on Twitter, he has announced he will be stepping away from the company.

The video recapped everything Smallman had done within the company before telling viewers that Progress Chapter 100 on December 30th will be his last. Smallman will be leaving the company, to spend more time with his family and work on another more hidden job he has in the industry.

You can see below Smallman’s amazing promo abilities on display:


This is not the end for PROGRESS though as he is leaving the company in the hands of Glen Joseph and Jon Briley. He will return to PROGRESS shows in the position he thinks is best for him, as a fan.

Smallman will still be around in the wrestling business as he revealed during a Q&A that he has a backstage job working with NXT UK and will be continuing to do ring announcement duties for all PROGRESS shows up to Chapter 100.

We here at Steel Chair wish Smallman all the best when Progress Chapter 100 rolls around and he moves on to the next stage of his career.

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All images and Videos courtesy of Jim Smallman and PROGRESS Wrestling

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