With superstar announcements still to be made for OWE UK’s inaugural Tag Team tournament in September, John Dinsdale and myself decided to put a “Death by Nygma” touch to the teams and wrestlers we already had the chance to announce here. The Arrows of Hungary are the second stable we had the chance to talk to, and we want them all.

According to sources, “Coming from a country relatively new to pro wrestling, Icarus, along with his Hungarian Championship Wrestling companions, has come a long way. He has established himself as an all-round reliable talent, especially as a striker and flyer, other than being a valid tag team specialist as the brain and feet of the Arrows of Hungary.”

Also, “Dover is a solid powerhouse who shines as the muscle of Arrows of Hungary and especially when he works on top of the action; also, he can square it off into a deathmatch environment (as many HCW guys). That is critical if you realise the fact he comes from a place in which professional wrestling is a fresh thing.”

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Icarus and Dover are The Arrows of Hungary. With brutal strikes and classic European catch, they’re a hybrid grinding machine without limits. They proudly represent their country, through traditional masks and vests, through the anger that had fuelled their nation for so many years. But they are also trailblazers as they created their own promotion in Hungary to promote wrestling there and welcome students with whom they can share their passion. When OWE UK offered them the possibility to shine in the UK on a brand-new platform, they seized the opportunity to show the world Hungary is another country of wrestling in Europe.

SteelChair Mag continues this series of interviews with the OWE UK Stars with the Arrows of Hungary, one of the very first teams to be announced by OWE UK as participants in the tournament.

With trainer Aleister Black

Who are you and what is your path in wrestling?

Icarus: So, we are the Arrows of Hungary. We are from Budapest, Hungary, in the middle of Europe. We have been a tag team for six years now, but the main thing in our tag team wrestling is we grew up together. We’ve known each other since we were six, so it’s more than 24 years now, and that makes a special bond between us. We started wrestling 10 years ago. Our first trainer was Gabriel Angelfyre from the Netherlands. But after that, Aleister Black was our main trainer for years, and we travelled to the Netherlands for years just to train with him. We also attended many seminars from Nigel McGuinness, Sami Zayn, Joe E. Legend, Johnny Moss, Gangrel, so we got a lot of different experiences over the years. We’ve wrestled in more than 14 countries, now including the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria.

Do you think that bond, that very special bond, you have, and the fact that you’ve known each other since you were six, makes you…

I: Outstanding, yes.

Is it creating something different, in some sense, as a team? It’s almost like brothers.

Dover: We grew up in the same building, and we did everything together. We like the same music, the same things in life, and we did everything together, so we know each other well. Yeah, it’s like a brotherhood.

So, tell us a bit more about the Arrows of Hungary, your team.

I: The Arrows of Hungary is a traditional Hungarian Tag team. We have traditional vests after a royal soldier called Huszár (husaar), during our entrance, and we also have traditional masks, which are border guardian demons called the Busó (booshaw). So, we have the gear, and also our main feeling is Hungarian anger. Like, there is frustration in Hungary, since the country’s existence, so this fire burns inside us for more than a thousand years now, and we bring this fire into the ring. 

In Hungary, where you are from, how is wrestling considered? I see there is a promotion called Hungarian Championship Wrestling but how is wrestling there?

D: Wrestling is pretty big now. In 2010, we founded HCW, so we were the first to make a wrestling company in Hungary. And that’s how we started wrestling, and now it’s growing, and it’s pretty good in Hungary. We also have a wrestling academy and have a lot of students.

You were the third team announced for the OWE UK tournament, how did it happen, and how do you feel about it? About this new promotion and these new tag team titles and all that comes with it?

I: Well, it’s a big honour to represent our country in such a tournament. That’s one of the most important things for us, to bring the Hungarian flag on the worldwide map. OWE is a pretty fresh and amazing product. The original OWE in China is amazing, with the Shaolin Monks, and now they can expand to the USA, to the UK. It’s more than amazing. So we’re a part of the history.

Did you apply or did they come to you?

I: Both. We met Cima in Germany, and we stayed in contact with him. Also, later on, Facebook, we started to talk with OWE, and it just came up, the idea like, if it’s okay, we are available for the Tag tournament. So basically, it was combined together.

What are the teams you are looking forward to facing in the tournament?

I: Everyone. But if I had to pick teams, The Anti Fun Police and The Kings of the North would be the best to start. But we are ready to compete against anybody.

Have you wrestled either of these teams?

I: No, we have just wrestled on the same card as The Anti Fun Police at Rev Pro in the UK.

D: About the other teams, we’re looking for those teams who are pretty physical, so we can fight. That’s why we’re in the tournament. We have a very striking based ring style, so we’re about to bring some hard-hitting and classical European catch wrestling styles. So, we’re looking for those teams who can fight. So, with The Anti Fun Police and The Kings of the North, that’s what we’re looking for.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnpsOHiteLo]

All pics and videos courtesy of Arrows of Hungary, OWE UK, Hungarian Championship Wrestling and German Wrestling Federation

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