The new force in professional wrestling has a name, Grup Anarşi. The Turkey natives Abdul Kenan and Aytac Bahar are a striking force in German Wrestling Federation. They will soon be able to show it in the UK as they’re going to compete in OWE UK’s Tag Team Tournament.

Abdul Kenan is 23, has been wrestling for 2 years, mostly for GWF, teaming up with Aytac Bahar. The founding member of Grup Anarşi trained MMA and his hard punches and kicks helped him and his tag team partner Aytac Bahar to some victories.

Bahar is 21, also in the business for 2 years. Like Kenan, he was trained by GWF Training School and Orlando Silver. The team have worked for EWP, Yiwara, IPW and GWF in Germany. They recently made their debut in Austria.

The will find in the tournament fellow GWF roster members in the company Women’s Champion Ayesha Raymond and The Arrows of Hungary.

Grup Anarsi now joins the ever-growing list of teams taking part in the tournament. Here they are:

AEW have confirmed their entry into the OWE Tag Team Championship Tournament. However, it is being kept as a closely guarded secret as to which team will compete. “Consider the AEW team(s) as Mystery Opponents,” as OWE stated.

To reply to the many requests for multi-day tickets for both venues in the UK tour, OWE UK decided to create passes for the 2 London shows and 3 Liverpool shows. A 5-day pass for all OWE UK shows is also available. Passes holders will have the chance to attends some meet & greets. The tour will be taking place from September 18th-22nd. For more information on the company and tickets, be sure to check out their Twitter and their website here.

Images and videos courtesy of OWE UK, Grup Anarsi, GWF, Abdul Kenan, Aytac Bahar and OWE

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