It was recently revealed that Tenille Dashwood would be the latest addition to the Knockouts Division officially signing with IMPACT wrestling. The former WWE Superstar has fans excited for her new chapter and with the Knockouts division more stacked than it has been in years the list of dream opponents is endless! With that in mind just who are the names, Tenille would benefit from colliding with the most? And who are the stars fans are desperate to see Dashwood step in the ring with upon her arrival in the IMPACT zone?

Jordynne Grace

A woman who really has been climbing the ladder and making an impact in recent months is powerhouse, Jordynne Grace. From excellent matchups against the likes of Tessa Blanchard, Madison Rayne, and Kiera Hogan, the young star Is a sure future champion. The addition of Tenille Dashwood to the knockouts division really is bound to shake up the landscape of the division as we know it and a collision with Jordynne Grace makes for an important and must-see match up. The strength and power possessed by Grace and the experience and wrestling skill of Dashwood make this an encounter you do not want to miss out on. Tenille is sure to bring out the best we have seen in Grace given the two are provided with enough time in the ring and this one on one collision will most certainly highlight Grace once and for all as a future champion and a talent to pay close attention to.

Madison Rayne

As the longest-serving IMPACT Wrestling Knockout, Madison Rayne provides something very different to the rest of the women on the roster today. Her experience and veteran stance make her a massive draw and a dream opponent for many. Colliding with Tenille Dashwood truly does make for a head-turning encounter. The two women are massively popular and huge fan favourites not to mention their shared similarities when it comes to in-ring styles.  The storyline alone between these two is enough to draw fan attention but the matchup between them could result in a career-altering encounter for Tenille and a highlight of just how brilliant Madison is, a true all-time great.

Tessa Blanchard

As one of the biggest names in IMPACT wrestling today and one of the biggest signings the Knockouts Division has ever seen, Tessa Blanchard is an important opponent for any up and coming star new to the Impact Zone. Keeping that in mind, colliding with yet another huge signing in the form of Tenille Dashwood makes for a huge draw contest. The pair are both massively popular and important figures in the Knockouts division today and because of that their encounter is near-inevitable and fans are already discussing the one on one match-up sure to take place at some point in the future. Both women are incredibly skilled professional wrestlers and going toe to toe with Blanchard could finally allow Tenille to show just how good she really is in front of a big crowd on a mainstream wrestling TV show. It’s also clear this could very easily go down as one of the best matches of the year and a classic knockouts division match up.

Kiera Hogan

Kiera Hogan most certainly sits as one of the most underrated talents on the Impact roster today. Despite standout matches against the likes of Jordynne Grace and Madison Rayne she is yet to truly receive the credit she deserves from fans; however, she is a woman growing in popularity and forever impressing with her in-ring skills. Looking at just how diverse and skilled her move set is she makes for an excellent opponent for Tenille. While this may not be a huge draw contest like we have mentioned with previous stars today, but this is a match I’m confident will surprise fans and turn heads. It’s sure to highlight the incredible talent Kiera possesses and work towards adding momentum to Tenille’s name and run with the company. While it’s the matchup that is least likely to excite fans to hear about this is an encounter that has the potential to be one of the best matches on the entire list today.


There is no denying that former IMPACT Knockouts Champion, Rosemary is one of the biggest names on the roster and division today. Her character is a huge standout and adds a darker side to the knockouts division. Throughout her career so far fans have seen Rosemary compete in so many amazing matchups against an array of different kinds of stars and Tenille Dashwood makes for an exciting new face for this former champion. As one of the longest-serving Knockouts on the roster today, she really is in need of something new and taking on the equally popular Tenille Dashwood makes for a huge must-see collision. This is sure to draw fan attention and the match itself most certainly would have high expectations from audiences. These women are both massively experienced and big names in the women’s wrestling scene today making their one on one match up a true must see!

The Impact wrestling Knockouts division is bigger and more diverse than ever before meaning there are so many names fans would love to see Tenille Dashwood collide with. The list truly is endless and this is an exciting new chapter for the former WWE star. The names above will most certainly provide fans with some awesome wrestling and there are many other women on the roster sure to work amazingly well with Dashwood during her time in the Impact Zone.

All pictures courtesy of Impact Wrestling 

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