OWE UK just revealed the second match of the first round of its inaugural Tag Team Tournament. British team Super Sharp Bros will face the International Superstars.

“Although the International Superstars are yet to announce which two members of their team will compete in the tag team tournament, we do know that they’ll be facing OWE’s Super Sharp Bros. Is the beginning of their journey also their end or will they end the reign of terror of the Super Sharp Bros?” Here is the question OWE UK asks and we all wait for the answer of.

Dream Girl Ellie, Blanco Loco, Joey Ozbourne, and Zach Cooper are The International Superstars, a stable of wrestlers who have fought for countless promotions including American Combat Wrestling where they’ve been tag champs and further afield in wXw and a slew of others. They have been Champions before and could easily do it again.

Real-life brothers Lou King Sharp and Robert Sharpe have been teaming up because of OWE. Lou has been in the business for 5 years. Described as a high-flyer, Sharp has been a steady member of ICW roster. Robert Sharpe made his debut 4 years ago. Like his new tag team partner, he has been a recurrent talent in IPW:UK, House of Pain Wrestling and HOPE. He teamed up, and competed against, Jack Sexsmith. Among his opponents, we can find David Starr, Jody Fleisch, The Anti-Fun Police, Jimmy Havoc or Mark Haskins.

Stay tuned on our media for the next matches of the tournament, as we’ll soon be able to unveil the full bracket of this Tag Team extravaganza.

All pics courtesy of OWE UK, feature image modified by @frenchnygma

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