With the announcement of the fourth Tag Team tournament match today, OWE UK officially completed the card of its Day One show, set to take place on September 18 in London. OWE China President and StrongHearts founder Cima will team up with El Lindaman against OWE China’s T-Cool and Monkey King.

The last 4 tournament matches are set to take place on Day Two, on September 19, still in London, and involve the UK Hooligans, the Kings of North, the Kings of Catch, More than Hype, a second StrongHearts team (Shigehiro Irie & T-Hawk), Grup Anarsi, and more OWE China talents.

OWE China President CIMA and current Wrestle-1 Champion T-Hawk are original StrongHearts. Their names may seem familiar to some as they were a part of the group that took on SCU in the opening match of AEW’s Double or Nothing. CIMA took on and beat Christopher Daniels at Fyter Fest and Kenny Omega at Fight For The Fallen.

In early 2018, Cima announced his departure from Dragon Gate after 21 years working for the promotion and also announced the formation of a new promotion, Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE), to be primarily based in China. As well as Cima, T-Hawk, El Lindaman and Takehiro Yamamura also left Dragon Gate to join OWE. Cima is a worldwide superstar who has wrestled all over the world. El Lindaman, 24, is described as “great, highly charismatic, awesome at connecting with his promos despite the language barrier, and a Good wrestler too. The sky is the limit for him.”

Monkey King is 19. According to OWE bio, “Wang Jin was training as a wrestler, he became the most popular with OWE fans because of his outstanding martial arts skills and his warm smile. He was called “Little Tiger Teeth” by fans in China due to his smile. At a young age, he entered the martial arts school and became one of the top students.  During OWE training, his many years of martial arts experience helped him learn wrestling quickly and successfully debuted at the OWE event held on February 2, 2018. After becoming a wrestler, Wang Jin made a good impression from the audience by his flexible play and the happy character. After he developed his own understanding of the wrestling, he began to innovate his wrestling skillset. Continuing to be innovative, Wang Jin became the focus of OWE’s “Japan’s Landing Memorial Conference”.

“He created the wrestling move “The Monkey King is Born” to debut at the live event and received extensive coverage from the Japanese media. However, Wang Jin also encountered a bottleneck. He repeatedly challenged for the pursuit of the OWE singles gold belt, and all ended in failure. In the face of heavyweight wrestlers such as Jun Hao, he was always in a weak state. In order to get a single-player gold belt, Wang Jin set himself a weight-increasing goal and increased his weight to 75KG and has changed his attitude, recently turning on The Shaolin Monk. Wang Jing’s smile, hateful attitude and growing wrestling strength have made the audience remember him deeply.”

T-Cool is 23. “T-cool is arguably the most versatile wrestler of OWE. It not only has he martial arts, dance, and parkour skills but also has arich stage and film performances. T-cool became good friends at the OWE Performance Centre with Luo Wei and Yi Bo. The three progressed together from trainees to professionals. Since joining OWE, they helped each other to learn and grow, and all three became the best among the students. Then disagreement occurred in the group as T-Cool refused to garner wins by unscrupulous ways, holding his dignity and honour above all else. So T-cool formed Kungfu Hip-hop to battle his former partners.”

“In the face of ridicule after losing to the Wolfgang, T-cool has also been set-back, but he still chose to stick to his principles. His belief in upholding justice has become more and more determined in the face of failure. He has created the ultimate aurora and truly become an innovator in the ring. With T-Cool’s rapidly increasing skill-set, perhaps one day,  T-Cool can defeat his former partner prove that he has the strength to uphold justice. T-Cool’s cool style, eye-catching atmosphere and a sense of justice are unforgettable.”

The StrongHearts. Above, El Lindaman and CIMA Below, T-Hawk and Irie

Here is the complete card of OWE UK Day One show:

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To reply to the many requests for multi-day tickets for both venues in the UK tour, OWE UK decided to create passes for the 2 London shows and 3 Liverpool shows. A 5-day pass for all OWE UK shows is also available. Passes holders will have the chance to attends some meet & greets. The tour will be taking place from September 18th-22nd. For more information on the company and tickets, be sure to check out their Twitter and their website here.

All pics and videos courtesy of OWE, OWE UK and StrongHearts

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