Following his loss to a returning Bray Wyatt recently at the SummerSlam PPV and rumours suggesting Balor is taking a short break from in-ring competition, now is the time to take a look at what could be coming up next for Balor. So far, 2019 has been a pretty strong year for the former NXT Champion, but just how can the WWE get the very best out of him in the coming months?

Chasing after the Universal Championship

With an Intercontinental Championship run and some brilliant matches behind him this year, Balor has been growing in momentum and receiving more and better TV time. At the very start of the year fans witnessed Balor go one-on-one with Brock Lesnar competing for the Universal Championship however, we haven’t seen him back in the title scene nor involved in a major storyline at this level since and moving forward it may be time to change that. With Seth Rollins once again standing as champion and considering their history creating an angle involving these two taking part in a huge storyline makes plenty of sense. We know for a fact matches will be strong between them and there is space to tell more of an in-depth story which could very easily result in a major title change.

One-on-One with Fiend

After being brutally taken out by the returning Bray Wyatt during the SummerSlam PPV many believe things are far from over between these two superstars and there is sure plenty more to come. Keeping Balor off TV for a while only to return and confront the Fiend as the Demon King could result in a chilling and totally gripping moment. We all know Balor has a darker and more intense side of his persona especially when the Demon element of his character is used and taking on Wyatt in this position makes for an unmissable angle, an epic rivalry and a major storyline for both superstars. There really is so much the WWE can do when it comes to these two talents colliding and SummerSlam truly was the start of something epic and much more to come.

Joining The OC

It’s been teased multiple times throughout the years and again at the SummerSlam PPV recently; will Finn Balor join The OC? With AJ Styles and the Club once again forming to create a strong and dominant allegiance there is space for things to grow and so far they have been exactly what they set out to be. Styles, Anderson, and Gallows currently hold both the Tag Team and the United States Championships and creatively there are plenty of options for them moving forward, adding Balor to the faction makes for one of the more favourable and desired booking decisions. The former Universal Champion joining the OC does appear to be an inevitable move and the best creative option for Balor moving forward ensuring the WWE tap into a completely new side of his character that we haven’t seen since he joined the WWE.

 Turning Heel

Joining the OC will, of course, open Balor up to adopting the role of a heel, something we haven’t seen from since he arrived in the WWE however, whether he joins the Club or not exploring the position of heel over on SmackDown Live could benefit him massively.  Changing things up and going down a completely new and different road for Balor is a must and creatively there are plenty of options for Balor when moving forward as a heel. Whether it be challenging Kofi Kingston or stepping in the ring with Roman Reigns for an intense rivalry, adopting the role of the bad guy makes for an exciting development for Finn and opens up an array of very different and new angles to explore.

Joining the NXT UK Roster

Okay, so this one may be a tad far fetched but one to certainly consider. This year we have already seen Balor take part in the first NXT UK TakeOver event when he went one on one with Jordan Devlin in what was a brilliant contest but could there be space for him to focus on working a more regular role. While there, of course, is more for him up on the main roster there is no denying that there are an array of dream matches waiting for Balor over on the NXT UK brand and the brand itself would sure benefit from his presence.  This may appear to be a step back for many however, this could open new opportunities for Balor as well as the stars of NXT UK.

VS Aleister Black

As far as dream matches go, Finn Balor vs Aleister Black sure does make the top of the list. The two stars have an incredibly skilled, diverse, and intense move set with the characters and charisma to match. While it’s likely at this stage of their careers that we would see Black go over a contest like this would be hugely beneficial for Balor in showing and reminding the world just how good he really is in the ring. Exploring and in-depth storyline here will allow the WWE to once again explore the Demon side of Balor while emphasising the darkness and fearlessness that lies within Aleister Black.

Finn Balor is an interesting and exciting position. There are plenty of creative options waiting for him from storylines, rivalries, and dream matches but just where will the WWE take him in the months to come?

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