Like Impact Wrestling has stated, “Ethan Page arrived in IMPACT Wrestling in 2018, forming a team with Matt Sydal. Seemingly a believer in the teachings of Sydal, Page opened his third eye wide and experienced success in the tag team ranks with his spiritual mentor. Recently branching out on his own without the tutelage of Sydal, “All Ego” Ethan Page put on a great showing in the revived Ultimate X at Homecoming and appears destined for IMPACT glory.”

But ever since, something and someone has changed his fate. His name is Josh Alexander, and Scott D’Amore himself wanted him to become a member of the Impact Wrestling roster. Collectively Alexander and Page are known as The North. They are two young, hard-hitting Canadian athletes who have decided to dominate Impact. Also, the two wrestlers have known each other and wrestled together for a very long time. At Bash at the Brewery, 2 days before Slammiversary XVII, The North defeated LAX to become the brand new Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champions. Together, they were meant to be on top of the world.

SteelChair Mag had the chance to have a one-on-one conversation with Ethan Page about his path with the company, being one half of the Tag Team Champions, Slammiversary XVII PPV, and what Impact Wrestling means to him.

What do you feel being the Impact World Tag Team Champion?

I feel amazing. It was a goal of mine and Josh’s for a very long time. Josh Alexander and I both grew up watching TNA/Impact Wrestling. To us, being on the same lineage than the guys who hold those titles, it is a gift.

It was a big surprise because it happened at Bash at the Brewery and I have to say no one saw it coming…

It happened at an Impact Plus event. It was a big moment because it was cool to surprise everybody like that.

You both have amazing chemistry in the ring. How long have you known Josh?

We’ve known each other for a very long time. We‘ve tagged together for a very long time, too, which helps us a lot.

The ‘Slammiversary’ Tag Team Championship match was a little bit shortened even if the pay-per-view was awesome. How did you feel about the match and the fact it was probably not what you were expecting, wrestling wise?

It was a little bit short, and sometimes that’s just the cards you’re dealt, and I think we did what we could with the time we had, and it turned out pretty well for the most part with the match. On and on, we were added last second because we originally weren’t on the pay-per-view because we didn’t have the titles. Because we had the belts, they added us last minute. That was cool, Slammiversary is always a big pay-per-view.

You already took part in a pay-per-view, at ‘Rebellion’ you were in the Ultimate X match. This match is one of the most emblematic TNA/Impact Wrestling matches, and you add the chance to be a part of it. How was this experience?

It’s one of my favourite matches to watch as a fan. Actually, to be a part of it, it was an amazing experience. I’m glad I was able to have one of those matches.

Michael Elgin said you and Josh were the reason why he came to impact, what would your reply to him be?

I would say thank you, and obviously, everyone is excited to see what he’s able to bring in so far. He’s already had a killer match with Brian Cage at the pay-per-view, and people are going to be very excited to see what he’s got going on going forward. So stay tuned on the TV show and check it out.

You’ve been on Impact for pretty much two years now. You were Joseph Park/Abyss’s cousin, Matt Sydal’s third eye, then you wrestled on your own, and now you’ve been teaming with Josh. What did you retain from all of these moments and characters?

It was a big lesson for me to learn how to be patient and wait. You’re not always going to get what you want right off the bat, so learning to kind of put that aside and essentially do what the job requires is what I learned from the Chandler Park thing. It was good practice for acting and playing a character as well. With Matt Sydal, it was just an opportunity to get back on television so I wasn’t really worried about what I was doing, just that I was doing something and then now that I’ve been there long enough and I put in my time, now Josh Alexander comes in so we actually could do what we would like which is team and wear the Tag Team Championships. It’s crazy to see how things started and how they ended up, but I was learning. Clearly tagging with Josh has been rightfully everything with that I’ve done so far.

Over the last 2 years, a lot of things have happened on Impact, with creative, with wrestlers, and you have witnessed all of it. How do you feel in the company and with the current roster? How do you feel on impact right now?

Impact Wrestling is the best it has ever been for a very long time, and I really think it’s a great opportunity to be able to jump on. I think we’re at like a reset point, where you could join us, and continue and it would be easy to catch up with what’s going on. So I’m very happy with how things are going on Impact.

How are you able to deal with these two sides of wrestling? You are under contract with Impact and still working the indie shows? 

It’s hard to balance just because of how busy my schedule is, but that is good in a sense that impact allows us the opportunity to make more money and travel out there and work the independents. You’ll stay busy and meet some new fans. I think it’s great.

How did you feel when they came to you and said we want to sign you for a long period of time?

It sounds great because it’s always good to know that somebody values you enough and want to keep you around for a certain amount of time. So it’s always going to be a good feeling to be wanted, especially in something that is hard to succeed in.

Are you really not a fan of Rob Van Dam, like you said on TV?

When I was a kid, I was. But now, not really. He’s very close to the same he was years ago, he didn’t age much (laughs).

Impact chose to take an intergender twist with Sami and Tessa. Is it something that you have ever done, you are interested in, and impact wise, what do you think about this new strategy?

I think it’s great. I think Tessa is one of the best wrestlers right now, and she deserves to be wrestling the best wrestlers too.  Whether they are guys or girls, it doesn’t matter. I think Impact is just doing it the way things are going in society now, and they’re growing, and they’re expanding, and they’re allowing it to change. I think it’s a good thing and Tessa is the perfect person to do it. I have wrestled women before, and I would do it on Impact.

Are there wrestlers you haven’t had the chance to compete with that you are really interested in
competing with, whether as a tag team or singles competitor?

I really want to wrestle Willie Mack and Rich Swann in a tag match with Josh Alexander. I think it will be ten times better than the tag team match I had with Matt Sydal last year at Bound for Glory, doing it with Josh Alexander.

What are your expectations now as we are on the Road to ‘Bound for Glory’ on October 20? What are you expecting for the next few weeks and months?

You can expect to see the best tag team wrestle on Impact wrestling and we’ll still be Champions coming to Bound for Glory.

Follow Ethan Page on Twitter @OfficialEgo. IMPACT is airing every Friday night around 11 PM on 5Star, on Pursuit in the US, and Twitch worldwide.


All pics, videos, and screencaps courtesy of Impact Wrestling.

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