At Ring of Honor’s Best In The World, 2 months ago, Eli Drake surprised everyone when he announced he was the newest addition of the NWA roster. That day, Drake said that the hottest free agent in wrestling is here and he will turn the business upside down. The fact is Eli Drake is not only one of the talent wrestlers right now, but he also has the gift of gab and every word he says is gold.

Just a few weeks before NWA start producing a weekly wrestling TV series from Atlanta, Georgia, with a first set of tapings set to take place on Monday, September 30 and Tuesday, October 1, the company asks a question about Eli Drake, Who’s the Champ?

The former Impact Wrestling gave himself one mission, claiming the ten pounds of gold. He promised sometimes soon people will ask themselves, who’s the Champ? And the only answer will be E-Li Drake. The video footage shows him wrestling Frankie Frank, with commentators explaining he was one of the hottest free agents in all a professional wrestling, a former World Champion making waves as he’s making history.

Eli Drake’s got his sights on Championship gold, whether it be the National title held by James Storm or namely the ten pounds of gold held by the National treasure Nick Aldis. “He can talk the talk, he can walk the walk, he can do it all, ” say the announcers. One thing is sure, if Eli Drake wants the gold, that’s just a fact of life.


All pics and videos courtesy of NWA and ROH