We have a new match and two new debuts for OWE UK’s first Liverpool day of tapings. The 20th of September will see the She Wolves and Lana Austin taking on Session Moth Martina, Lizzy Styles and Bobbi Tyler.

The She Wolves are the team of Molly Spartan and Rhio and this will be their first appearance on this tour. Rhio was trained at the PCW Wrestling School and has held championship gold there for the promotion. She has also been a champion for TCW and British Empire wrestling. She is a powerhouse with a martial arts background.

Molly Spartan is also a powerhouse wrestler famous for her work all around the UK and Scotland. She is known as the Beautiful Bruiser and the SIN of professional wrestling. The She Wolves as a tag team have torn through TNT Wrestling. As a unit, it has seen the pair work along side fellow OWE UK women’s division member Kasey Owens and their OWE UK teammate Lana Austin, who are also part of the She Wolves.

Lana Austin has been a mainstay of the UK independent wrestling scene for the better part of six years since she debuted in a Triple Threat match at Brittania Wrestling Promotions that also featured Tegan Nox.

Austin, from Manchester, is a three-time Women’s champion at the Mancunian promotion FutureShock Wrestling. She began her third reign after winning a Fatal Four-way with then-champion Molly Spartan as well as the Glaswegian Jayla Dark and the Northern Irish veteran Kasey Owens.

For 6 years now, Lana Austin has worked for many UK promotions like EVE, Defiant, TNT, Kamikaze Pro, Southside Wrestling, PROGRESS, Fierce Females, OTT (she twice challenged for the OTT Women’s Championship, against both Session Moth Martina and Raven Creed), among many others.

Martina is known for her outlandish character, obsession with Darude Sandstorm and her bags of cans at shows. She is also an incredibly gifted in-ring competitor and has trained with Lance Storm. She will be an excellent addition to the card as she is a total wildcard in-ring and a clear charismatic force. OWE will definitely become a sesh site.

Fans will know of Martina from her time nearly anywhere. She’s wrestled in Ireland, the USA, the UK and Japan. In Japan, she is a member of Oedo Tai stable in STARDOM, as well as taking part in a UK debut show for Sendai Girls. She’s also been seen recently at an NXT UK try-out and is a staple of OTT in Ireland.

Lizzy Styles had been a staple of the now-defunct Defiant Wrestling Women’s Division. “The Princess of Wrestling” has been in the business for 6 years. The former Defiant and Tidal Championship Wrestling Women’s Champion has been working for TNT Extreme Wrestling, Defiant, Tidal, Target, RISE, PCW and many more promotions all over the UK. She also worked for World Wonder Ring Stardom in Japan.

Among her opponents, we can find some of the finest UK female wrestlers like Nixon Newell, Xia Brookside, Toni Storm, Lana Austin, Saraya Knight, Little Miss Roxxy, Rhio, Bea Priestley or Chardonnay. She teamed up with Ligero and CJ Banks in mixed tag matches. Among the OWE UK talents, she teamed up with Martina and took part of No Regrets Rumble with The Anti-Fun Police, both for Defiant Wrestling.

If she said she thinks she doesn’t have a certain wrestling style, she is decided to “give the crowd what they want, and listen to what they want.”

Based out of both Stevenage and Southampton, little Bobbi Tyler is the girl next door turned up to eleven! The hyperactive Blonde Bombshell is a proven hit with kids and adults alike, mixing fast offence with a lovable smile that can’t be beaten! At only 22, the current 2-time IPW:UK Women’s Champion, 2-time PWP Women’s Champion and HOG Women’s Champion is a renowned talent not only in Europe but also in Japan.

Since 2006, she has competed for HOPE, PWP, SWE, RevPro in the UK and FWF in Belgium. Since the beginning of the year, thanks to BWE that sent 3 of their talents there, Bobbi has become a star in Japan, working with Stardom. She became there a member of the Tokyo Cyber Squad alongside Hana Kimura and Konami. She’s one of the very few non-Japanese wrestlers to be a regular name for STARDOM in Japan.

Bobbi Tyler’s other announced OWE UK match

To reply to the many requests for multi-day tickets for both venues in the UK tour, OWE UK decided to create passes for the 2 London shows and 3 Liverpool shows. A 5-day pass for all OWE UK shows is also available. Passes holders will have the chance to attends some meet & greets. The tour will be taking place from September 18th-22nd. For more information on the company and tickets, be sure to check out their Twitter and their website here.

Session Moth Martina vs Lana Austin vs Charlie Evans vs Lizzy Styles vs Amazon Ayesha vs Little Miss Roxxy on Day One

Images courtesy of OWE UK, Session Moth Martina, TNT Extreme, Lizzy Styles, Lana Austin

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