Kenny Omega will be returning to his old home promotion this November as he will be competing at DDT’s Ultimate Party on November 3rd.

The show will take place at the Ryogoku Sumo Hall and sees Omega, in his first appearance since 2014, and former partner in DDT and current AEW talent, Riho taking on former rival Antonio Honda and Miyu Yamashita.

Omega confirmed through a tweet the history he had with Riho and Honda and showed the company some love by proclaiming it his home before most knew or cared about him.

With the Sumo Hall housing 11,000 seats, it’s no surprise that the company would reap some of the rewards from working with AEW.

It should also be noted that Yamashita is considered one of the top tier rising stars in women’s wrestling at the moment and Omega is looking forward to seeing what she can bring to the match.

Alongside this AEW cross-promotion match, the show will feature top talents from all the companies associated with DDT meaning there will be stars from DDT, TJPW, Basara and Ganbare as well as the return of Chris Brookes from the UK.

Although the show is not until November, anyone interested in the company can watch their shows through DDT Universe, their streaming service.

For an example of a match with Riho and Omega please click here for a Gatoh Move match of theirs from 2013.


Images courtesy of DDT and AEW Twitter Videos courtesy of DDT Twitter and Gatoh Move YouTube

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